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Yard Landscaping Ideas For You To Try Out

23 Sep , 2015  

With variety being termed as the spice of life, this can be extended to include your garden or yard. Whether you are looking to add color all year round to your yard or just want a change, trying out the various landscaping ideas below can ensure you spice things up.

Greeting guests with flowers

The welcoming appeal of flowers in your home cannot be understated. By placing perennial and annual flowers at the entrance of your home, you can keep color all year long. You can also include Lily-of-the-Nile, petunia, snapdragon and the Gertrude Jerky roses to make it even more appealing.

If the space between the street and your home is small, you can install a low fence at the front. This results in the illusion that your house is further away from the street than it is. Also, it can double up as extra space for planting your plants and flowers.

Planting rambling vines

Adding clematis can be a good addition for your yard. With its different color blossoming features of red, purple, white, blue and pink, when left to grow on a trellis, fence or inside a container, they result in a very appealing look. The clematis is best grown during fall and spring. In the other seasons, you would require to feed them with organic fertilizer labeled for roses and tomatoes monthly.

Driveway dressing up

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Hiding an unattractive driveway can be easily done by carefully designing the landscape and also identifying the proper materials and plants. To start with, you can build a slightly elevated island of lawn at the center of the drive. Thereafter, you can proceed to incorporate a low boxwood hedge having annuals, roses, and perennials rising in front of the hedge that points backwards toward the island. Adding a variety of textures, heights and colors can brighten the look. For height, you can use the ‘crystal fairy rose’, ‘butterfly deep rose’ pentas for color and lamb’s ears for texture.

Planting no-fuss lilies

Adding crinums to your yard can really be beneficial. Since they are not affected by drought, thrive in hot, humid summers and do not require fertilizer, they are indestructible and over time, they develop into huge bulbs. Also, during fall, spring or summer, they develop into fragrant, trumpet-shaped flowers adorned in many colors.

Deer-proofing your garden

If your yard flowers are being swallowed by deer, you can opt for flowers that are more appealing to people. Opting for perennial like globe thistle, purple cornflower, butterfly weed or ‘royal red’ butterfly bush can make for a good replacement.

Baskets and planters for height

Having different dimensions in your yard can be accomplished by having hanging baskets and raised planters. These create a beautiful landscape color. The added benefit of this is that your plants will adore the good aeration and drainage that the elevated planters bring.

Blooming shrubs appeal

Getting a good spot to grow the Chinese snowball can be a good addition to your yard. With the 6 to 8 inch white flower clusters that appear in its branches in late spring, the plant can grow from 12 to 20 feet in height and width. While it may be mistaken for a hydrangea, people should know it’s a viburnum.

Garden surprise planning

Creating that garden paradise you long for in your yard can be achieved by intersecting meandering streams, inspiring vistas, hidden rooms and trails. These small hideaways can be used for gathering people for drinks. By mixing the informal to formal, this can lead to its stimulating the visual tension.

Having a place where you can entertain your guests or an area where you can have some alone time while enjoying the scenery can be easily achieved by smart landscaping. With a little work, you can transform your yard into a paradise!