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Want To Grow Gorgeous Roses Easily?

30 Jun , 2015  

Roses are suitable for various events and celebrations as it can symbolize many different things; love, beauty, and friendship, because of their variety of color, types and inspiration. Due to its adoration by many people, over the years they have been the obvious choice for many people. Despite the love by many people over roses, growing of roses is not as popular as it is often said to be problematic and difficult especially for beginners. However, the following tips can give you a bit of a head start in the rose growing game and see your roses grow gorgeous and healthy.

Start with the soil

Before you start anything regarding planting your roses, take some time to check and care for the soil first. It is of utmost importance that the soil is of high nutrients, slightly acidic (pH around 6.5) and well-draining soil. To change the pH of the soil, you can sprinkle wood ash over the soil a few weeks before planting as wood ash contains a good amount of potassium which could act in lowering the pH of the soil. Do not forget to add aged manure and garden compost a few weeks before planting to feed you roses with more than enough of nutrients.

Give it some sunlight

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You should take a few days to a few weeks to observe the site that you plan to plant your roses at. Check whether it is a sunny location as roses require a minimum of 6 hours of direct sun per day. It would be recommended to get your roses out in the morning since dewy leaves dries up sooner reducing the chances of some diseases and after which, ensure that your roses get some afternoon shade.

Follow good watering practices

Watering regularly for roses depends a lot on water. Rose roots dig deep, so give your roses a nice good soak every week rather than covering the surface of the soil. Basically, irrigate roses 2-3 time every week to create consistently damp soil, and change accordingly to the amount of rainfall your roses receive. Make an effort to check soil with your finger every morning, water them if necessary in the morning so your plant has the morning and afternoon to dry out before dawn. With the foliage of your roses wet, splashing water drops can spread fungal disease and attract pests.

Mulch it

Mulch your roses with shredded bark or pine needles over the rose canes. It is one of the most important tips you should follow to ensure beautiful and healthy roses. This is because there are many benefits to mulching as listed below.

• Mulch can help to retain soil moisture and keep soil temperature relatively constant especially important if you are growing your roses in places that experience different seasons.

• Prevent weeds from germinating and competing nutrients with your roses. Eliminate weed seedlings right away before it has the chance to produce even more seeds. Weeds merely grows anywhere in bare soil and the only natural way to prevent it, is to cover up the dirt with mulch.

• Mulch will break down over time and brings new nutrients to your roses to feed on.

Feed occasionally with fertilizer

When you faces a problem of poor soil quality or grow roses in container, fertilizing is essential. In this case, your roses depend on you to feed them. In most cases, it is good to fertilize twice during the growing season between spring and summer as it can provide the basic nutrients your roses need as they sprout. Be sure to follow the instructions on the package of the fertilizer. Over fertilization can result in root injury to your plant and even kill your plant. Hence, please follow the specific feeding directions on every package regarding how often and how much should you feed your roses. You could even get rose specific fertilizer at any garden centers.

Give the climbing roses a strong support

Have you ever dreamed to own a gorgeous rose archway and place it on your front door? Climbing roses may seem to be an arduous task and impossible for beginners, in fact, with proper care and patience, your strenuous commitment would definitely pay off. First of all, pruning is an important part of growing healthy climbing roses as it require formative training. If training roses up pillars or arches, tie the main shoots gently around the support according to the shape of the support.

All in all, it is important to buy healthy stock from a reliable supplier who knows what type or species of roses are suitable to be planted in your area. Try out Kings Country Nurseries – one of Brooklyn’s largest garden centers in NYC. We have a group of professionals that can answer to all your queries and provide you with the best stock of rose seeds and seedlings.