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Vitis ‘Canadice’

13 Mar , 2015  

vitis candice Vitis CanadiceLatin Name: Vitis

Description: The Candice Grape, Vitis ‘Canadice’, is a very good red seedless variety with compact fruit clusters of large berries. Candice is very vigorous with good winter hardiness. It is a woody, deciduous, tendril climbing vine which typically grows 15-20 feet long, unless pruned shorter. Ripening in early September, it is considered to be a good grape for jams, jellies and fresh eating. With its large, shallowly-three-lobed, green foliage, it has flowers that are attractive to bees and ripe fruit is attractive to some hornets and wasps. This grape tolerates a wide range of soil conditions, but must have good drainage. Grapes are primarily grown for fruit production in home fruit gardens where they provide good ornamental value: bold summer foliage, showy fruit, some fall color and shaggy, twisted trunking and branching often best seen in winter. Grapes need a good support system like fences, walls, trellises, arbors or other structures.