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Tulips Don Quichotte

13 Mar , 2015  

Tulips Don Quichotte Tulips Don QuichotteLatin Name: Tulipa triumph

Description: The Tulip ‘Don Quichotte’, ‘Tulipa triumph’, a fall planted bulb, produce striking pink flowers. Don Quichotte has one of the best vibrant pink flowers and they are great when used in mass palntings. Triumph Tulips are the largest and one of the most important class of Tulips. They come in every possible shade of color possible for tulips, including some wonderful pastels. They are particularly esteemed for their beautiful, traditional “tulip” flower shape. Triumph Tulips have sturdy stems and withstand windy weather. They are great for cut flowers and they have a long vase life. These are mid sized tulips with compact leaves and shorter flower stems. They are ideal for pots or even a spring color hedge. Triumph tulips respond well to a cooling period of six weeks in the fridge prior to planting.