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Tips On Starting A Beautiful Garden From Scratch

28 Nov , 2016  

You may love gardening and have never had an opportunity to start your own garden. You buy a home and luckily it has a bare patch that can be transformed into a garden. How do you go about it? It is hard work, but it can be done, step by step.

Carry out a feasibility study

It is important to first assess the patch. It may not necessarily be a bare patch, and you may want to hive the garden off the lawn. You might have to kill the grass if it’s a lawn, and that is a process on its own. The size of the garden will depend on the area that is available, and the purpose of the garden. It could be a vegetable garden or a flower garden. Depending on what you want to grow, look at how much sunlight falls on the intended garden. If there no sunlight, choose plants that need little sunlight.

Design what you want it to look like

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Designing your garden may take any of two directions. You may decide to design and plan how it will look like, or you may hire a garden designer. Designing it yourself is more fun, and after buying a new home, you may want to cut down on expenses. You can start off by measuring and marking it, ready for the next move.

Clear the area

You have to get rid of any grass or weeds covering the ground. If there are none and it is a rocky patch, try to clear the rocks. Grass can be killed off by laying newspapers on it and adding compost on top.4 months later, both the newspaper and compost will have decomposed. If the area is infested by weeds, you can always pull them out. If you do not want to wait, you can also remove the grass by applying herbicide.

Improving the soil

If you have recently moved into newly constructed house, you will find that the top soil was removed during construction, and the sub soil beneath left exposed. After the construction is done, debris is covered over by soil used to landscape. You should have a soil analysis done so that you get an idea about the soil PH and other relevant information like soil type and texture. This allows you to make decisions on what additives to add to the soil. Top soil in Brooklyn can be purchased in a garden center, including other soil improvement agents.

Choose the appropriate plants

Pick the plants you want to plant, keeping in mind the season changes. Do your research online on the choices you have. If your garden is a flower garden, it is wise to have both seasonal and perennial flowers. Some vegetables like kales can withstand the cold, whereas tomatoes cannot. The bottom line is to identify which plants are appropriate for the area’s climate or soil type. Your soil could be clay, which has poor drainage. This means you have to look for plants compatible with the soil. Once you are done with these preparations, put your plants into the ground and water them frequently. You can also mulch them to keep weeds at bay and to prevent escape of moisture. Soon you’ll be well on your way to a garden bursting with health.

Getting a garden started is harder than it sounds. It takes months of dedicated hard work and patience. Starting from scratch takes a lot of research and following of instructions to the letter in order to get the desired results. After a while, your garden will start to take shape and flowers will start blooming. The vibrant burst of colors will make you glad that you worked this hard!