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Spectacular Fertilizer

Bulb Food 236x300 Spectacular Fertilizer

Spectacular fertilizer produces remarkable results because nutrients are released quickly, yet continue to feed for several months. Ultra-premium scientific formula provides optimum levels of primary essential plant nutrients, including micronutrients and multi-minerals. The result is bigger, more abundant blooms, naturally. Loosens and improves soil structure so bulbs can reach maturity more quickly.

Rich in:
Wild-caught Alaskan Fish Bone Meal, Valley Grown Alfalfa Meal, Mined and Micronutrient-dense Colloidal Soft Rock Phosphate, High Country Feather Meal, Mined Potassium Sulfate (synergistically boosted with micronized humic acids for maximum bioavailability.)

Ideal for:

Growing all bulbs, tubers and rhizomes.

Raised Beds: Excellent for use in raised beds during planting or even mid-season for a nutritional boost to maximize the color and blooms in your garden.
Planting: Apply a generous helping to existing gardens, as directed, or at time of planting or transplanting. Apply any time mid-season to supply a continual source of nutrition to maximize bulb size and color potential.
Containers: Feed container plants every 6 weeks to keep plants healthy and strong.
Compost Tea: Makes compost tea – use as soil drench or foliar spray; click on “videos” above to watch Gretchen make fresh compost tea.

Target pH: 6.5