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Space Is Not An Issue With Potted Plants!

21 Aug , 2015  

Potted plants provide gardening enthusiasts with flexibility as they can be used in the garden or even indoors. Additionally, if you have a small garden you can take advantage of potted plants to make use of vertical space. You can rearrange the pots or planters to add a different dimension to your garden depending on the sun’s position or the seasons. A lot of homeowners are using potted plants as part of their interior d├ęcor and at the same time bringing nature to the indoors. It is important to note that you will need to take care of the plants just as you would in the garden. Below are some tips to help you get the most out of your potted plants:

Select the right pots/planters

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There are various options in the market for pots and the kind you choose mostly depends on your budget and style preference. Plastic, fiberglass and resin are ideal if you are looking for a lightweight option which can withstand weather conditions as well as be easy to move from one position to another. However, if you are looking for a sturdier option, then clay or wood pots will work just fine for your potted garden.

You should note that it is highly advisable to have at least one hole at the bottom of the container to allow the water to drain and move freely. Also, remember to place a dish or saucer at the bottom of the container so that the water does not drain all away. Insufficient drainage will result in the plants dying prematurely as the roots will drown.

Select the right plants

Select plants based on texture, shape, height, color, moisture and desired theme to ensure you get the look you are interested in. Annual plants are the most common plants that most people will think of first when looking for plants for their pots. However, you can pair annuals and perennials to achieve unique look. Do not overlook grass- like plants and ornamental grasses as they can be used to make a bold statement.

Almost any shrub, herb, flower or vegetable can be grown successfully in a pot or planter as all you need to know is how to care for it to ensure it receives maximum nutrients, light and moisture. Potted plants are usually the focal point in the garden and as such they should receive extra special attention. Cut back or dig out any plants that clash or do not grow well, and prune back those that have stopped blooming or are getting leggy. For large containers, you should apply mulch just like you do for the other plants in the garden as it will also assist in retaining moisture.

Using potting mix

The soil from your garden may not do when it comes to potted plants, so you will need to purchase potting mix. This does not necessarily mean there is something wrong with the soil in your garden since they probably have all the nutrients your plants need. However, growing potted plants is a lot challenging and you have to be sure the restricted area has everything the plant requires. The plant will require a good balance between nutrients and healthy moisture level.

Quality potting mix has all the right nutrients specially designed to provide the plant with nourishment as long as possible. If you are looking for quality potting mix, you can contact us at Kings County Nurseries because we are the leaders in Manhattan nurseries. At the same time, you can get the opportunity to select your plants and get advice from our highly qualified professionals. It is important to use precaution when using potting mix for your nurseries by wearing a face mask and gloves.