We sell & Install sod. Sod is delivered on Friday’s only and must be pre-ordered. We carry only one type of sod, Kentucky Blue Grass. It is a sun and shade mix and each piece is 5’x2′, 10′ sq ft each.
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How to prepare, lay and maintain your lawn! 
  • Prepare your ground. Remove any debris from your soil. The soil should be leveled and aerated to ensure easy root growth.
  •  It is always best to lay down 1′-2′ of fresh top soil before laying sod.
  •  Once your soil is ready, throw down some fertilizer and insect control. Fertilizer to promote root growth and insect control to take care of those grub worms! Once sod is laid down, it creates a heat barrier in the ground which causes all those insects to rise to the top. Grub worms especially, will chew holes right through your new lawn!
  • Depending on the season and temperature, your lawn should be watered appropriately with a sprinkler. You can do some serious damage to sod by watering it with a handheld nozzle. Always try to water early in the morning because watering at night can lead to fungus. If you start to notice some mushrooms popping up, treat your lawn for a fungus before it spreads!
  • Your new lawn should NOT be walked on until your first cut, which should be within the first 10-14 days.