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Hydrangea ‘Forever & Ever Red’

Hydrangea m Forever Ever R Hydrangea Forever & Ever RedLatin Name: Hydrangea marcrophylla

Description: Forever & Ever Red starts as a brilliant red and fades to shades of purple. The stems also have a tinge of burgundy.


Hydrangea ‘Forever And Ever Blue Heaven’

Hydrangea m Forever Ever B Hydrangea Forever And Ever Blue HeavenLatin Name: Hydrangea marcrophylla

Description: Very large 12” blue or pink (determined by soil acidity) mophead flowers bloom on old and new wood, providing reliable performance in northern climates unlike that of older varieties. These blooms are quite impressive!


Dwarf Fothergilla

Fothergilla Gardenia Dwarf FothergillaLatin Name: Fothergilla gardenia

Description: This fothergilla species (sometimes commonly called dwarf fothergilla) is native to the southeastern U.S. It is a compact, slow-growing, deciduous shrub with a dense, mounded, upright-spreading habit which typically grows 2-3′ (less frequently to 4′) tall and as wide. Best ornamental features are its fragrant spring flowers, summer foliage and superior fall color. Features terminal, bottlebrush-like spikes (1-2” long) of tiny, fragrant, apetulous, ivory white flowers. Flower color comes from the showy stamens (white filaments and yellowish anthers). Flowers appear in spring, usually before the foliage emerges. Rounded to oblong, leathery, dark green leaves (to 2.5” long) turn varying shades of red, orange and yellow in fall.


Cytisus ‘Burkwoodii’

Cytisus Burkwoodii Cytisus BurkwoodiiDescription: ‘Burkwoodii’ is a flowering deciduous shrub that has a rounded form with slender shoots and fan-like leaves. Flowers are dark pink with yellow-edges and present from May to June. Some nurserymen report that this plant is not easily transplanted, while others disagree.


California Lilac

Ceanothus x p Marie Simon California LilacLatin Name: Ceanothus x p. ‘marie simon’

Description: Clusters of pale pink flowers from July to September. Mid green leaves, deciduous. Height and Spread 4-6 feet. Prune in spring to encourage new growth and more flowers.


Green Velvet Boxwood

Buxus Green Velvet Green Velvet BoxwoodLatin Name: Buxus ‘green velvet’

Description: Upright, evergreen shrub with dense, rounded growth habit. Small, dark green leaves hold their color all year. Maintains shape with very little pruning. Spring fertilization is recommended. Soil should be kept moist, but not wet, especially during the growing season. Full sun produces best growth, can tolerate partial shade.


Azalea ‘Tradition’

Azalea Tradition Azalea TraditionDescription: Very heavy bloomer with medium pink flowers that make a wonderful spring show. Flowers are backed by tiny evergreen foliage on a low spreading form


Azalea ‘Sword’

Azalea Sword Azalea SwordDescription: Vivid bright pink flowers age to red and practically smother the variegated foliage. Unique deep green leaves have narrow creamy yellow margins. An excellent foundation plant or low border hedge along walkways. Evergreen.


Azalea ‘Sherwoodi’

Azalea Sherwoodi Azalea SherwoodiDescription: The Kurume hybrid azaleas of Japan owe their parentage to several species of mountain azaleas, predominantly R. sataense with R. kiusianum. Formerly, the Kurume hybrids were grouped under R. obtusum, but modern horticulturists now consider R. obtusum a hybrid and not a separate species. Dense, upright, evergreen shrub with small, 1 1/4 inch long, elliptic, glossy, olive green leaves. The Kurume are prized for showy clusters of small, profuse early to mid spring flowers, 1 to 3 per truss, which literally cover the plant. Best adapted to partial sun. Prune immediately after flowering so you won’t cut off any of next year’s flower buds. Best if not sheared. Beautiful planted in generous, solid-colored drifts along edge of woods.


Azalea ‘Maria Durby’

Azalea Maria Durby Azalea Maria DurbyDescription: Maria Derby has a dense, compact habit and double, brilliant red flowers. The Robin Hills are a wonderful group of late-spring blooming azaleas grown for their large, showy, pastel-colored, funnel-shaped flowers and Satsuki Azalea-type form. Hardy down to around 10 to 0 degrees Fahrenheit, these mid-size azaleas are best at the front of the border or in smaller gardens where many azaleas rapidly outgrow their space. Though azaleas have a potentially large list of possible pest and disease problems, they are usually trouble free if planted correctly in proper cultural conditions.


Azalea ‘Linda Stuart’

Azalea Linda Stuart Azalea Linda StuartDescription: Flower creamy white with irregular deep yellowish-pink edges, hose-in hose, funnel-shaped, 1.5” across. Blooms early midseason to midseason. Leaves obovate, mucronate apex, cuneate base, 1.5” long, slightly hairy. Grows to a height of about 4 ft. in 10 yrs. Hybridized by Yavorsky.


Azalea ‘Helen Curtis’

Azalea Helen Curtis Azalea Helen CurtisDescription: Flower white without markings, widely funnel-shaped, semi-double with 10 frilled lobes, 2.5” across. Inflorescence 2-3 flowered. Blooms late midseason. Leaves broadly elliptic, acute apex, rounded base, 1.5″ long, glossy, yellow-green, retained for 2 years. Upright, rounded habit. Reaches a height of 2 ft. in 10 yrs. Hybridized by Shammarello.


Azalea ‘Gillie’

Azalea Gillie Azalea GillieDescription: Here’s a great azalea for gardeners who have had enough of pinks or purples and would like a glorious rose-salmon flower. The flowers are exceptionally large — 3.5” –, open-faced with wavy lobes, and late blooming. Gillie should reach 22 x 21” in 15 years. A Robin Hill hybrid with the flower characteristics of the Japanese Satsuki azaleas, Gillie is more hardy and dependable. Considered hardy in the range of 0 to +10F.


Azalea ‘Girard’S Fuchsia’

Azalea Girards Fuchsia Azalea GirardS FuchsiaDescription: Beautiful small shrub with shiny, dark green foliage that grows 24” x 30” in 4 years. Ruffled flowers are a bright fuchsia pink.


Azalea ‘Coral Bells’

Azalea Coral Bells Azalea Coral BellsDescription: Abundant coral pink hose-in-hose blooms with darker pink centers and veins make a wonderful spring show. Flowers are backed by tiny evergreen foliage on a low spreading form.


Azalea ‘Conversation Piece’

Azalea Conversation Piece Azalea Conversation PieceDescription: The biggest blooms of almost any Azalea. 3.5 inch, white to pink, wavy blossoms. Flowers in spring and fall. Plus it flowers heavy on the sides as well as the top, so it looks like a big colorful mound. Conversation Piece is a smaller Azalea so it can be used as a low hedge, groundcover or backdrop for annuals and perennials. It’s an old fashioned heirloom plant that is very hardy. It tolerates extreme cold snaps well. Just spread out plenty of mulch.


Kaleidoscope Abelia

Abelia Kaleidoscope Kaleidoscope AbeliaLatin Name: Abelia ‘kaleidoscope’

Description: The variegated foliage of Kaleidoscope Abelia is yellow with green centers. White, bell shaped flowers burst from their pink buds in late summer and keep going well into autumn. True to its name, this Abelia is a myriad of yellows, oranges and reds in fall


Tuscan Blue Rosemary

Tuscan Blue Rosemary Tuscan Blue RosemaryDescription: Quickly forms an upright hedge of aromatic needle-like foliage. Profuse clear blue flowers add to the effect. Foliage can be used as a flavorful spice in cooking. Takes to pruning well, perfect for screens. Evergreen.


Black Dragon Japanese Cedar

Black Dragon Japanese Cedar Black Dragon Japanese CedarDescription: Light green spring growth matures to deep black-green in summer and forms a dense, irregular pyramid. An interesting specimen in most any style landscape including Asian and formal English gardens. Evergreen.


Little Giant Dwarf

Little Giant Dwarf Little Giant DwarfDescription: Small, globe-shaped evergreen shrub. A very versatile and useful plant. Rich green foliage and small form help make this a wonderful foundation plant, specimen or hedge.