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Rubus Occidentalis ‘Bristol

13 Mar , 2015  

rubus occidentalis bristol Rubus Occidentalis BristolLatin Name: Rubus

Description: The Bristol Raspberry, ‘Rubus ‘Bristol’, is a fruit that is black and large with attractive, fairly glossy skin and firm flesh. Berries have excellent quality and good flavor and are good for canning and freezing as well as fresh eating. Bristol’s upright growth and cluster formation make its berries extremely easy to pick. Firm berries can be handled without bleeding. It is very hardy, high producing, vigorous and ripens in mid-July. Bristol shows tolerance to powdery mildew. The berries are versatile and can be used as fresh fruit, in preserves, or in pies and pastries. Raspberries may be grown successfully at an elevation as high as 7,000 feet. They do best in full sun on non-alkaline, fertile loam soil.