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Rubus ‘Caroline’

13 Mar , 2015  

rubus caroline Rubus CarolineLatin Name: Rubus

Description: The Caroline Raspberry, ‘Rubus ‘Caroline’ (PP10,412), has proven to be one of the most productive varieties and is considered to be the new standard for fall bearing raspberries. With large, very flavorful fruit, it is very vigorous and more tolerant of root rot and yellow rust than Heritage. This raspberry is a highly flavored, heavy yielding red primocane raspberry, ripening in late August. It produces lots of delicious fruit until fall. It has proven successful from the East to the West Coast. Caroline responds to warmer summer temperatures with earlier ripening. Caroline is the high in levels of nutrients and anti-oxidents. The berries are versatile and can be used as fresh fruit, in preserves, or in pies and pastries. Raspberries may be grown successfully at an elevation as high as 7,000 feet. They do best in full sun on non-alkaline, fertile loam soil. However, they may be grown in partial shade or under other environmental constraints.