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Rosa ‘Golden Showers’- Cl

rosa golden showers Rosa Golden Showers  ClLatin Name: Rosa

Description: Golden Showers’ is one of a handful of climbing Roses good enough to win a seal of approval from the All-America Rose Selections. This vigorous, grafted Rose produces sprays of fragrant, double flowers that open Daffodil yellow and soften to primrose. Deadheading encourages continued bloom, but we stop removing spent flowers late in the season to allow development of colorful hips to end the gardening year. Shown with Clematis ‘Etoile Violette’, which bears deep purple, 3in blooms in such profusion that they all but obscure the foliage. Grafted.


Rosa ‘Blaze’- Cl

rosa blaze Rosa Blaze  ClLatin Name: Rosa

Description: Bred in the United States and introduced in 1932, large-flowered ‘Blaze’ is perhaps the most profuse bloomer of the short climbers, producing a multitude of semidouble, crimson flowers each summer. It is a rambling climber that will spread, scramble, and climb up any support but remain manageable.


Rosa ‘Oso Easy Honey Bun’

rosa oso easy honey bun Rosa Oso Easy Honey BunLatin Name: Rosa

Description: (Rose) Oso Easy Honey Bun Rosa is a sweet rose producing a wealth of semi-double blooms in a delicate blend of soft pastel colors. The distinctive flower colors of Oso Easy Honey Bun range from blush-pink to butter yellow to creamy white. This extremely disease resistant plant blooms from early summer to frost and will make a charming display in a decorative container, as well as in your garden landscape. A Proven Winners ColorChoice Flowering Shrub.


Rosa ‘Ruby Heart’

rosa ruby heart Rosa Ruby HeartLatin Name: Rosa

Description: What a beautiful rose this is. Masses of dark ruby red blooms on a tall stately bush. It repeats well and makes a real statement in any garden. Healthy foliage which has very few problems. Makes a superb gift for that very special occasion. Very strong premium quality plants supplied in approx 5.7litre containers.


Rosa Virginiana

rosa virginiana Rosa VirginianaLatin Name: Rosa

Description: Rosa virginiana, commonly known as the Virginia Rose, Common Wild Rose or Prairie Rose, is a woody perennial in the rose family native to eastern North America. In the Canadian maritimes, it grows with at an almost invasive rhythm. It is seen in meadows, vacant lots, ditches, even in dumps.