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Iceberg Floribunda

Iceberg Floribunda Iceberg FloribundaDescription: Large, double, pure white blossoms scent the air with a rich sweet perfume. Light green, glossy foliage highlights them beautifully. Profuse bloom. Own root.


Honor Hybrid Tea

Honor Hybrid Tea Honor Hybrid TeaDescription: Large, classically shaped, long-stemmed buds are highlighted by peach centers and open into satiny blooms that always keep their shape. Also available as a 36″ tree rose.


Henry Fonda Hybrid Tea

Henry Fonda Hybrid Tea Henry Fonda Hybrid TeaDescription: Distinct, deep yellow blossoms complemented by dark green foliage cover this remarkably vigorous plant all season.


Heirloom Hybrid Tea

Heirloom Hybrid Tea Heirloom Hybrid TeaDescription: Richly fragrant blooms are borne singly and in clusters. Magenta lightens to lilac. Sweet-rose scent always commands a second whiff.


Golden Showers Climber

Golden Showers Climber Golden Showers ClimberDescription: America’s favorite yellow climber for over 40 years! Perfect, buttery-colored buds open to fragrant, high-centered blooms. Flowers continuously.


Feisty Miniature

Feisty Miniature Feisty MiniatureDescription: Aptly named, Feisty sets cluster after cluster of three to seven flowers per stem. High-centered blossoms are a vivacious bright red, with velvety petals and a delicious apple scent. Its tidy, self-cleaning habit gives your customers low-maintenance beauty in a vigorous, well-branched bush. Bright orange hips in fall.


Double Delight Hybrid Tea

Double Delight Hybrid Tea Double Delight Hybrid TeaDescription: A fragrant garden favorite for more than 20 years! Winner of the Gamble Medal for fragrance, its fresh spicy-sweet scent is fragrant up to 10 feet away! Scarlet buds open to a creamy white-washed pink, ending in buttery yellow and strawberry red. Blooms vigorously throughout the season. A superb, proven rose customers will thoroughly enjoy.


Blaze Climber

Blaze Climber Blaze ClimberDescription: This improved rose is one of the most popular climbers nationwide! A reliable, profuse bloomer that guarantees a colorful performance, cascading extravagantly from top to bottom with fiery red blossoms the entire season.


Betty Prior

Betty Prior Betty PriorDescription: This is an all-time favorite that bears clusters of old-fashioned, single-petaled flowers. Free-blooming habit and natural hardiness.


Foxglove ‘Camelot Rose’

Digitalis Camelot Rose Foxglove Camelot RoseLatin Name: Digitalis

Description: A Foxglove with more reliable first-year blooming and heavy second year blooming. Tubular rose-pink flowers have white-rimmed dark throat speckling and are held on sturdy stems. Flowers appear in spring and last through summer. A Fast growth to 1 foot tall, 3 to 4 feet or more in bloom, 24 to 30 inches wide. Full to partial sun. Biennial.


Rosa ‘Sunny Knockout’

rosa sunny knockout Rosa Sunny KnockoutLatin Name: Rosa

Description: Sunny Knock Out produces abundant single 3 inches wide bright yellow flowers with 5 to 6 petals. This bushy, compact and rounded shrub has dark green semi-glossy foliage, resistant to black spot, powdery mildew and rust. More disease resistant that its famous parent and grows to 3 foot high and wide. No flower fragrance, but the petioles release a strong sweetbriar fragrance similar to Rainbow Knock Out.


Rosa ‘The Fairy’

rosa the fairy Rosa The FairyLatin Name: Rosa

Description: This well-loved rose blooms nonstop from June until frost, with double, rosette-shaped blossoms of light pink. It grows 2 to 3 feet high and wide.


Thyme Silver

thyme silver Thyme SilverLatin Name: Thymus citriodorus ‘argenteus’

Description: This plant is an elegant addition to an herb or ornamental garden. It has lemon-scented green leaves edged in silver and produces lilac flowers in early summer.


Rosa Rugosa ‘Alba’

rosa rugosa alba Rosa Rugosa AlbaLatin Name: Rosa rugosa

Description: This variety has single, papery white blossoms that open from light pink buds and have contrasting yellow stamens. The heavily-scented flowers are followed by reddish-orange hips. It grows up to 6 feet high.


Rosa ‘Pink Knockout’

rosa pink knockout Rosa Pink KnockoutLatin Name: Rosa

Description: Pink Knock Out Rose is a tough and hardy shrub type rose (3×4) with outstanding disease resistance. Blooms are a powerful pink. Leaves are a mossy green with blue hues. Plant anywhere that gets 5 or more hours of direct sunlight each day. Thrives in humid climates. Pink Knock Out will bloom early in the Spring and continue blooming until the first hard frost in the Fall. Pink Knock Out is drought tolerant, Blackspot resistant, mildew tolerant and self-cleaning. An excellent choice for a trouble free rose garden. Great plant for hedge, border or foundation planting.


Rosa ‘Knockout’

rosa knockout Rosa KnockoutLatin Name: Rosa

Description: This tough, tidy Shrub Rose blooms abundantly from June until the first real frost. Its clusters of small, single flowers change subtly from cherry to bright red as the mercury dips, while the leaves change from green to purplish green. Disease and drought resistant, it has delicately scented blooms that measure up to 3in across. Winner of the coveted All-America Rose Selections award. Own-root. ‘Radrazz’ PP 11,836


Rosa ‘Double Pink Knockout’

rosa double pink knockout Rosa Double Pink KnockoutLatin Name: Rosa

Description: Pink Double Knock Out Just as gorgous as Double Knockout only with intense Hot Pink blooms. The double have twice the number of petals as regular Knock Out roses, presenting a fuller, richer, traditional style rose flower that is simply breathtaking. Blooms maintain a continuous show of color from early June to hard frost, with beautiful foliage almost year round. Compact and upright fashion, more winter hardiness and shade tolerance.


Rosa ‘Double Knockout’

rosa double knockout Rosa Double KnockoutLatin Name: Rosa

Description: The fire-engine-red double blooms of Rosa Double Knock Out keep coming until hard frost, and its new growth is a stunning burgundy red. Aptly named, this popular successor to Knock Out is fuller and more floriferous, producing clusters of 2 1/2in, incandescent blooms with 18-25 petals. A hardy variety naturally resistant to black spot and other diseases and pests. Own-root. ‘Radtko’


Rosa ‘Blushing Knock Out’

rosa blushing knockout Rosa Blushing Knock OutLatin Name: Rosa

Description: Blushing Knockout Light pink single blooms. Flowers all summer long. Just as carefree and easy to grow as the parent Knockout. Disease resistant. Rounded, bushy form. Grows 3 to 4 feet tall. A new rose from Star Roses.


Rosa ‘New Dawn’- Cl

rosa new dawn Rosa New Dawn  ClLatin Name: Rosa

Description: ‘New Dawn’ is a climbing, hardy, arching habit rose producing clusters of cupped, double, scented, pale pearl-pink flowers with shiny, mid-green leaves. Also sold in plant nurseries as ‘Everblooming Dr. Van Fleet’ rose. In general, roses are a large group of flowering shrubs, most with showy flowers that are single-petalled to fully double petalled. Leaves are typically medium to dark green, glossy and ovate, with finely toothed edges. Vary in size from 1/2 inch to 6 inches, five petals to more than 30, and in nearly every color.