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Problems And Solutions For Your Garden Top Soil

15 Sep , 2015  

Having quality soil in your garden for growing your plants is very essential. Not only should it continuously get good nutrients, but it should also be well aerated and drained. This is when adding top soil can prove to be very beneficial although, there are several problems that you may encounter which need to be properly solved.

Soil compaction

With all the equipment and machinery that is present in the construction of a new home, deck, walkways, patios and paths, losing your top soil is not common. This makes the precious top soil to be compacted.

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By using aerating machines, especially where a lawn is already in place, this can open up the small holes in the soil. Alternatively, for bare ground, getting as much organic matter into it would help with the drainage of the heavy clay soil and rejuvenate the holding water capacity of the soil. Where soil compaction occurs around a tree, it is essential to drill holes into the ground from the trunk outwards to the far end of the leaves. Then, mulch or compost can be added to allow air and water to allow percolation through the soil and at the same time feeding the roots.

Soil drainage

For plants to thrive and survive, getting a constant oxygen supply is necessary. If this does not occur, the top soil usually becomes waterlogged. This can be resolved by the construction of elevated beds and mounds filled with soil which drains well. If necessary, you might also have to construct a pipe drainage system or a French drain that will allow water to flow from the garden.

Soil bacteria

Bacteria are present in all soils including the healthy top soil. While there are many bad disease causing bacteria, there are those that are very beneficial. Certain fungi and bacteria are a big component of ensuring that soil remains healthy by ensuring that they decompose certain materials.

In cases where you find your top soil has bad bacteria, seeking assistance to introduce the alternative good organisms can restore your garden.

Soil pollution

With the ever increasing soil pollution caused by man that leads to chemicals and other kinds of materials penetrating into the soil, this can be a big burden. Not only would it lead to the death of plants and trees, but your top soil can become polluted limiting the ability of other plants growing. This can be resolved by first establishing the source of the pollution, ensuring quick rectification and thereafter replacing this soil with good healthy quality top soil.

Soil quality

The three basic types of soil which are loam, clay and sandy soils, they too also encounter some problems. For sandy soil, they usually do not retain water well, resulting in intensive irrigation and increased fertilizer usage. This topsoil problem is usually best resolved by adding organic matter, thereby enabling water and nutrient retention.

The heavy and thick characteristic of clay soils makes them not drain well. By ensuring you add compost and coarse sand as well as some extra fertilizer, your soil can get proper nourishment.

Despite the good characteristics of loam soil from being able to drain well and contain rich nutrients, testing the soil for its acidity or alkalinity is necessary. Whether you opt to seek professional help to assess the soil or opt to add compost, buffering of the soil pH is important.

Ensuring that your top soil in NYC is well cared for is the best way to maintain your garden. As problems arise, you should always be on hand to tackle them to avoid the death of your plants. Next time when you notice any of the above problems, be sure to resolve them as quick as possible.