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Plan Your Landscaping Project Well To Minimize Inconvenience For Your Neighbors

23 Mar , 2016  

When doing landscaping, chances are that you will focus on doing things that will make your home look more beautiful. However, it’s usually a good idea to be more holistic when deciding on how to go about this. This usually means having to plan for the landscaping properly. There are many factors that usually need to be considered when carrying out such landscaping.

One that is most likely to escape your mind is the fact that you may need to consider your neighbors when making the plans. There are certain times when your landscaping efforts will result in both short term and long term inconvenience to your neighbors, and this could go as far as ruining your relationship with them. To ensure that this does not happen, some of the things you ought to do when planning for landscaping include:

Notify your neighbors of any likely inconvenience

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There are times when the landscaping process will result in various forms of inconvenience for your neighbors, such as damage to water lines that may lead to poor water pressure in their homes. If you think that your landscaping will result in this, it would be wise to discuss the issue with them beforehand. This way, they can then expect such problems and deal with them appropriately. For you to have a good idea of the kinds of inconvenience you may cause, it may be wise to consult a professional to help you out. When doing front landscaping in Brooklyn, for instance, getting a landscaper who has a lot of experience in this field will make it easier to identify some of the problems that might arise during the process.

In case of noise, opt to do the landscaping when you are least likely to cause disturbance

There are times when the landscaping process will require the use of machinery that produces a lot of noise. If this is going to be the case, it would be wise to schedule it in such a manner that it causes minimal disturbance for your neighbors. For instance, getting such work done during the holidays when your neighbors are away would make more sense.

The other way to deal with this is by consulting them. You could notify them that the landscaping process will involve some noise, so that you can agree on a way to get it done with minimal disturbance. If they have a newborn, for instance, they can give you information about when it would be most convenient for you to do the landscaping.

Be careful with how you fell trees

Landscaping may require you to cut down a few trees as you try to manipulate the looks of your front lawn. When doing this, there is the risk of the tree falling down on your neighbor’s property and damaging it. In addition to that, there is also the risk of some of the debris from the felling process reaching their compound. If this is anticipated, you may need to come up with a way to do the felling in such a manner that such problems will be avoided. If it turns out that making their compound dirty is not avoidable, you would need to plan on how to clean it up after you are done as it would be your responsibility.

Working with a high quality landscaping artist is the best way to ensure that the process is done with minimal disturbance to your neighbors. Through their expertise and experience, they can do the above and much more, and this will then result in you getting more value for money. It will also result in less tension between you and your neighbors.