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Permaculture Can Help You Become A Smarter Gardener!

8 Feb , 2016  

Creating a low-maintenance landscape in perfect synchronization with the surroundings is an important part of smart gardening. Imagine a garden filled with edible vegetables, gorgeous flowers, trees, ornamental shrubs, fruits, and so forth. All of these plants play an important role in assisting the environment by luring beneficial insects, deterring pests and improving the soil.

For example, synergy ties the apple tee to the plants underneath it, while the comfrey offers mulch. The yarrow draws insects needed for pollination while the leek repels gophers. A trellis vine offers shade in hot weather and fruits for the birds. All these plant and environment relationships are an excellent example of permanent agriculture (permaculture). Permaculture offers a sophisticated ecosystem balance in your garden.

What really is permaculture?

Think of permaculture as having gardens that literally take care of themselves. These kinds of gardens require less money, fewer resources and work. To be effective, permanent agriculture must occur without depleting or polluting the available natural resources. Take water, for instance. Water is one of the most precious and limited resources you can ever think about. Conserving it is something that we all need to do. We are constantly looking for ways to cut down on the amount of money we spend on our water bills. To effectively do this, we need to reduce the pressure we put on rivers, lakes, aquifers, and other resources like these.

You might want to reduce the amount of water you use in your home by reutilizing rainwater that gets recycled back into the garden during the summer season. The added bonus to using rain barrels is that rain water is loaded with nutrients that your plants require to stay healthy. So rain barrels are effective and practical way to recycle rainwater for use in your garden.

Take advantage of benefits offered by deciduous plants

Deciduous plants lose all their leaves in the winter, but fast gain them during the warmer seasons. Winter is when you want the sunlight to come through unhindered, whereas in the summer, you want as much shade as you can get, like that offered by a grape trellis. By creating more shade in the summer, you might be less inclined to switch on the air conditioner. An additional benefit is that there will be grapes for the wildlife, birds and your family. When you apply this concept closer to your home, the benefits are all there to be seen and experienced.

Deciduous plants utilize less space

Having some choice deciduous planted around your garden is an excellent way to utilize limited space. Make use of an herb spiral to put plenty of plants, vegetables and herbs into a small space to create an attractive landscape feature. For this type of garden design or garden landscaping in Brooklyn to work, you require to first lay down the cardboards to eradicate weeds and grass. The cardboard will ultimately breakdown letting the plant roots and water to penetrate the soil.

The next step is to add a drip irrigation system for regulated watering of your plants. Some gardeners use mini-sprinklers that are adjustable to water their plants. In this regard, temporary stake pegs are used to hold the tubing in place. You might want to push the existing soil into the shape of a mould for water and nutrients retention purposes. Use a piece of wood to tamp the soil into the shape of a pyramid.

To distinctly contour the landscape, make certain to use a series of rocks. The created spiral has the capacity to hold at least twenty five plants. When you have positioned the rocks to your liking, simply remove the stakes and then do the planting. In this way, you will have edible vegetables and fresh flowers throughout the year. Permanent agriculture or permaculture simply means gardening throughout the year regardless of where you live.