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Perennial Flowers

Daphne ‘Eternal Fragrance’

daphne trans eternal fragrance Daphne Eternal FragranceLcatin Name: Daphne x transatlantica

Description: Unique flowering on new growth extends blooming season into fall! Semi-evergreen to Zone 7 and may be deciduous and hardy in Zone 6, possibly 5 Grow in full sun Soil may be acid or alkaline, with good drainage

Perennial Flowers

Painted Red Daisy

Tanacetum Robinsons Red Painted Red DaisyLatin Name: Tanacetum ‘robinson’s red’

Description: ‘Robinson’s Red’ sports scarlet-red flowers which measure 2.5 inches wide and are daisy-like with a bright yellow center.

Perennial Flowers

Scotch Heather

calluna vulgaris maires Scotch HeatherLatin Name: Calluna vulgaris

Description: Calluna vulgaris is also know as Ling or “Scotch” heather. These are the true heathers, among the hardiest and most varied of all hardy heathers. Sizes range from small tufts, mounds and carpeters to shrubs about three feet tall. Flowers can be single or double. There are even a few bud bloomers who hang onto their flowers through winter and look as if they are still in bloom. There are many interesting foliage colors. Some turn spectacular shades of orange and red during the cold weather of winter. The varieties that show colored spring new growth are valuable for their several months of extremely showy foliage from January to June, and then they go on to bloom for an additional several months.

Perennial Flowers

Miss Ruby Buddleia Butterfly Bush

buddleia miss ruby Miss Ruby Buddleia Butterfly BushLatin Name: buddleia x `miss ruby`

Description: (Butterfly Bush) Buddleia ‘Miss Ruby’ PPAF is a charming plant that displays bright, rich pink blooms. The bright pink color of the blooms attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. This new Butterfly bush has silvery leaves that compliment this new flower color that is unlike any other Buddleia. ‘Miss Ruby’ PPAF is a must have for your Butterfly garden! A Proven Winners ColorChoice Flowering Shrub.

Perennial Flowers

Shasta Daisy- Dwarf Snow Lady

leucanthemum dwarf snow lady 1 Shasta Daisy  Dwarf Snow LadyLatin Name: Leucanthemum ‘dwarf snow lady’

Description: A compact, dwarf Shasta with 2-3” white flowers and yellow center disks. Will make an excellent, long-lasting cut flower! ‘Snow Lady’ was the 1991 All-America award winner.

Perennial Flowers

Iceland Poppy Champagne Bubbles

Papever n Champagne Bubbles Iceland Poppy Champagne BubblesLatin Name: Papever n. ‘champagne bubbles’

Description: PAPAVER CHAMPAGNE BUBBLES – Iceland Poppy.Short to Medium – Plant 12” apart. Zone 2-7. Mixed shades in summer. 20″ in bloom. Fragrant flowers are like silky crepe paper. Full range of vibrant colors, blooming their first year. Won’t survive the South’s hot summer, reliably perennial in the North. Best selecton for coldest areas (zones 3 & 4).

Perennial Flowers

Astilbe Color Flash ‘Arendsii Beauty Of Ernst’ (Monrovia)

Astilbe Color Flash Astilbe Color Flash Arendsii Beauty Of Ernst (Monrovia)Description: Brilliant electric green foliage emerges in early spring, soon maturing to a palette of burgundy, purple and green. In fall, foliage turns vibrant gold, orange and russet colors. Group in flower beds or spot in mixed containers. Herbaceous.

Perennial Flowers

Stokes Aster

Stokesia I Color Wheel Stokes AsterLatin Name: Stokesia i. ‘color wheel’

Description: A marvelous variety from Itsaul Plants with 3” flowers that open white and age to lavender then dark blue-purple. Flowers of all shades form a tapestry of color. A drought-tolerant native that looks neat and clean in a pot and fantastic in the garden. Very easy to grow.

Perennial Flowers

Foam Flower ‘Candy Striper’

tiarella candy striper Foam Flower Candy StriperLatin Name: Tiarella

Description: Candy Striper Foam Flower has large, deeply cut leaves with dark striping along each lobe. Pink flower buds open to reveal white, foamy flowers that are held above the foliage. This mounding, repeat blooming perennial will grow to 10 inches tall and wide.

Perennial Flowers

Cutler’S Alpine Goldenrod ‘Goldrush’

solidago c goldrush CutlerS Alpine Goldenrod GoldrushLatin Name: Solidago c.

Description: Solidago cutleri, sometimes commonly called alpine goldenrod or Cutler’s alpine goldenrod, is a compact goldenrod that is native to sunny mountain areas in New England and northern New York. It typically grows to only 12” tall. Tiny yellow flowers in tufts cover this plant with bloom in late summer. GOLDRUSH is the result of an open-pollination of unnamed selections of Solidago cutleri that occurred in 1998.

Perennial Flowers

Mrs. Bradshaw

geum mrs bradshaw Mrs. BradshawLatin Name: Geum c. ‘mrs. bradshaw’

Description: Brilliant Scarlet double flowers. Looks great as a border plant and is suitable to pick. Plants can get quite bushy and will respond well to splitting and dividing every other year. Being a popular European plant means that it can tolerate cooler weather. Hardy Perennial; 18-21 degrees; 7-14 days; 60cm height; 30cm apart; Full Sun/Semi Shade; 1.2.3; 250 seeds; Border Plant; Cut Flower.

Perennial Flowers

Rockfoil, Mossy Saxifrage ‘Triumph’

Saxifrago Triumph Rockfoil, Mossy Saxifrage TriumphLatin Name: Saxifraga ‘triumph’

Description: The ‘Triumph’ cultivar of the hybrid Saxifraga x arendsii has become a popular rockery plant because it is so adaptable. The S. arendsii group of hybrids have a complex crossbred heritage including S. hypnoides, S. moschata, S. rosacea & S. exarata.

Perennial Flowers

Variegated Japanese Iris

Iris Ensata Variegata Variegated Japanese IrisLatin Name: Iris ensata variegata

Description: The perfect plant in moist borders, at the edge of pools or streams, or even in pots plunged halfway to the rim in ponds. Variegated foliage will brighten any pond setting. Perennial.

Perennial Flowers

Ligularia ‘Britt-marie Crawford’ (Black Leaved)

ligularia d britt marie crawford Ligularia Britt marie Crawford (Black Leaved)Latin Name: Ligularia d.

Description: Ligularia Britt Marie Crawford an ideal plant for damp areas of your garden or near a pond. The darkest deep glossy black chocolate-maroon leaf tops with dark purple reverses, large deep orange-yellow flowers Aug-Sep, 1m in height at maturity. Selected by and named after the late Britt Marie Crawford.

Perennial Flowers

Dwarf Spike Speedwell ‘Royal Candles’

Veronica s Royal Candles Dwarf Spike Speedwell Royal CandlesLatin Name: Veronica spicata

Description: Deep blue-purple spikes are decidedly upright and plentiful. Good in full sun and partial shade. Very easy to care for. This variety is compact and slowly spreading. Superb!

Perennial Flowers

Firepower Heavenly Bamboo

Firepower Heavenly Bamboo Firepower Heavenly BambooDescription: One of the best coloring Nandinas! Brilliant red foliage fall through winter. Neat mounds are terrific for borders, massing and containers. Requires no pruning. Developed in New Zealand. Evergreen. Good in partial shade.