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Perennial Flowers

Sedum S. ‘Tricolor’

Sedum s Tricolor Sedum S. TricolorDescription: Tricolor has flat, rounded leaves that are white, pink and 3 shades of green, to 1 inch long, and star-shaped, pink flowers, to 3/4 inch wide, held in round corymbs, and borne throughout summer. This is a vigorous, evergreen perennial with a mat-forming growth habit. Sedums are excellent grown in the rock garden, containers between stepping stones or in wall niches.

Perennial Flowers

Veronica ‘Baby Doll’

veronica baby doll Veronica Baby DollDescription: Veronica Baby Doll lovely new form of Veronica which only grows to 25cm high by 25cm spread. Lush green leaves with spikes of mid-pink flowers from June to August.

Perennial Flowers

Lo And Behold ‘Blue Chip’ Butterfly Bush (Proven Winners)

Buddleia Lo Behold Blue Chi Lo And Behold Blue Chip Butterfly Bush (Proven Winners)Latin Name: Buddleia

Description: This plant is the first in a new series of miniature Butterfly Bush that stands only 24” – 30” tall and forms a tidy mound. This remarkable plant does not need pruning or deadheading. It is also drought resistant and deer resistant. It can be used as a ground cover, low hedge or in containers.

Perennial Flowers

Heurchera ‘Georgia Peach’

Heurchera Georgia Peach Heurchera Georgia PeachDescription: Heuchera ‘Georgia Peach’ could easily become your favorite ground cover. In spring, the large leaves unfurl in peachy orange tones overlaid with a delicate silver sheen. The foliage matures to rosy purple but remains silvered. Heuchera is an American genus with lobed leaves and tiny, bell-shaped flowers on wand-like stems. Determined breeders have turned these perennials into some of the most attractive foliage plants for northern gardens. Heucheras make themselves at home in moist but well-drained, organic-enriched soils. Attractive to hummingbirds, rarely troubled by deer.

Perennial Flowers

Salvia Neiman Marcus

Salvia Neiman Marcus Salvia Neiman MarcusDescription: This especially compact selection is a stunning addition to any border. Spikes of intense violet flowers top gray green foliage. Dense, shrub-like growth. Deciduous perennial.

Perennial Flowers

Perovskia A. ‘Little Spire’

Perovskia a Little Spire Perovskia A. Little SpireDescription: With the same silvery texture and excellent drought tolerance of the others, Little Spire rarely exceeds two feet tall and falls over only when trampled by your dog. The work of Dutch breeder Herbert Oudshoorn is responsible for this excellent, compact, long-blooming, low-maintenance landscape plant. Patent administered by Future Plants.

Perennial Flowers

Japanese Painted Fern

Japanese Painted Fern Japanese Painted FernDescription: Dramatic foliage is a standout in the shade garden. The dark, blue green central rib of each frond fades to silver at the edges. Short habit and spreading form is excellent as foreground foliage and ideal for pots. Herbaceous. 2004 Perennial Plant of the Year.

Perennial Flowers

Meadow Sage – East Friesland

East Friesland Meadow Sage Meadow Sage   East FrieslandLatin Name: Salvia nemorosa ‘east friesland’

Description: A stunning addition to any border. Tall, 18 in. spikes of intense violet-blue flowers top gray-green foliage. Dense, shrub-like growth. Deciduous perennial.

Perennial Flowers

Sedum S. ‘Fuldaglut’

Sedum s Fuldaglut Sedum S. FuldaglutDescription: Fuldaglow or Fuldaglut has rounded, flattened, bronzy-red leaves, to 1 inch long, and star-shaped, rosy-red flowers, to 3/4 inch wide, held in round corymbs, and borne in mid summer. This is a vigorous, evergreen perennial with a mat-forming growth habit. Sedums are excellent grown in the rock garden, containers between stepping stones or in wall niches.

Perennial Flowers

Scabiosa C. ‘Butterfly Blue’

Scabiosa c Butterfly Blue Scabiosa C. Butterfly BlueDescription: This award winning variety produces a profusion of lavender-blue flowers for a long bloom period. PPA plant of 2000. An excellent cut flower and attracts butterflies.

Perennial Flowers

Foamy Bells ‘Stoplight’

Stoplight Foamy Bells Foamy Bells StoplightDescription: Blinding yellow foliage with blood-red centers bring traffic in the garden to a standstill in spring. Summer foliage is pale yellow to green. Stunning color for edging and mixed containers when combined with contrasting darker reds and blues.

Perennial Flowers

Nepeta R. ‘Blue Wonder’

nepeta r blue wonder Nepeta R. Blue WonderDescription: Gray-green, aromatic foliage gives way to a plethora of lavender-blue flowers in early thru midsummer. The relatively short stature of this variety makes it a good candidate for the front of the border. When Nepeta’s stems are broken, they release an aroma into the air that tends to attract cats, thus its common name, Catmint.

Perennial Flowers

Sedum R. ‘Blue Spruce’

Sedum r Blue Spruce Sedum R. Blue SpruceDescription: A dense mat of conifer-like blue foliage forms a tight weed-resistant groundcover in any sunny location. In June deep mauve pink stems rise to 10” and are topped with brilliant yellow flowers. ‘Blue Spruce’ grows quickly and is easy to maintain even in the most unwelcome of sites. Great for rock walls, green roofs, walkways and containers. Evergreen in warmer zones.

Perennial Flowers

Oenothera ‘Cold Crick’

Oenothera Cold Crick Oenothera Cold CrickDescription: This outstanding plant, discovered by Polly Rowley of Middleburg, VA, is clump forming and will not take over the garden. It is floriforous, long-lasting and of easy culture, needing just good drainage. Apparently a naturally occuring hybrid, it does not set seed. An all day blooming fine textured deep green narrow leaves, red stems and an ocean of bright yellow flowers for 6 + weeks in May and June. More compact than other Oenotheras.

Perennial Flowers

Scabiosa C. ‘Pink Mist’

Scabiosa c Pink Mist Scabiosa C. Pink MistDescription: A true soft pink color and continues to flower all the way to frost. An excellent cut flower and attracts butterflies.

Perennial Flowers

Hemerocallis ‘Siloan French Marble’

Hemerocallis Siloan French Marble Hemerocallis Siloan French MarbleDescription: Nice creamy-pink flowers atop 16” stems that bloom from June-August

Perennial Flowers

Minarette Dwarf Lupine- Monrovia

lupinus polyphyllus minarette Minarette Dwarf Lupine  MonroviaLatin Name: Lupinus pol yphyllus minarette

Description: Excellent lupine for small gardens. Minarette has a dramatic effect when planted in bold drifts with its wide range of clean colors including blues, reds, yellows, pinks and white. Excellent cut flower, lasting from one to two weeks in water.

Perennial Flowers


Tradescantia Concord Grape SpiderwortLatin Name: Tradescantia ‘concord grape’

Description: Triangular violet blue flowers with fuzzy purple stamens tipped with golden yellow pollen. It is a bright addition to the part shade garden for summer and blooms all season long. Arching blue green foliage stays cleaner if soil is not allowed to dry out too much. A late summer cut back will encourage a second round of flowering.

Perennial Flowers

Lavender- Blue Cushion

lavandula a blue cushion 1 Lavender  Blue CushionLatin Name: Lavandula a. ‘blue cushion’

Description: A new and distinct Lavandula plant named ‘Blue Cushion’, characterized by its dwarf compact habit, profuse blooming in early June continuous into late summer, upstanding flower spikes appearing well above the foliage, and its deep blue flowers which fade first to pale blue and then to grey, giving a distinctive bicolor effect.

Perennial Flowers

Lambs Ear

Stachys Byzantina Lambs EarLatin Name: Stachys byzantina

Description: Lamb’s ear is a low growing, mat-forming perennial in the mint family that is grown for its velvety white wooly leaves, rather than its mediocre long, thick and wrinkled, grow in basal rosettes, 1-2 ft in diameter, forming mats of attractive wooly gray-green or silvery foliage.