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Perennial Flowers

Coral Bells

Coral Bells 300x205 Coral Bells
Latin Name: Heuchera

Description:Coralbells sport airy flower spikes on wiry stems above low-growing, often dramatic foliage. Varieties with variegated or dark purple leaves make stunning ground covers, and the delicate flower spikes won’t obscure the plants behind them, making them a good choice for the front of the border. Another common name is alum root.

Perennial Flowers


Foxglove 300x300 Foxglove
Latin Name: Digitalis purpurea

DescriptionFoxglove bears tall, dramatic spikes of tubular flowers with speckled throats. Foxglove blooms in midsummer and adds elegance to a perennial border, woodland area, or shade garden.

Perennial Flowers

Azalea Mandarin Lights

exbury mandarin lights 300x225 Azalea Mandarin Lights
Latin Name: Azalea

Description:Extremely hardy selection which provides a massive display of bright, mandarin orange blooms before the foliage emerges. Small mounding form is excellent for massing in shrub borders. Deciduous.

Perennial Flowers


fall mumms yellow MumLatin Name: Dendranthema x grandiflora

Water Instructions: If you keep your plants constantly wet, then they’ll constantly grow. too much can lead to bud overgrowth, and affect optimal blooming. allow the plant to dry out “slightly” between waterings. do not let them wilt. slight signs of wilting where the buds look like they may wilt but have not actually done so is ok. water in the mornings. best not to water at night. the plant’s vegetative growth occurs mostly at night. reducing the amount of water at night will slow the plant down. by altering the amount you feed and by altering the way or timing you water, you can either bring a mum into bloom faster or delay that bloom time.

Description: Mums are synonymous with gardening in fall.

Perennial Flowers

Gaura I. Pink Fountain

Gaura I. Pink Fountain Gaura I. Pink FountainDescription: PINK FOUNTAIN is a perennial gaura that features 4-petaled, light pink flowers in wand-like panicles on dense, upright plants typically growing to 2-3′ tall. Flowers open a few at a time and dance in the wind like butterflies over a long late spring to autumn bloom period. Bloom on this plant is more floriferous (typically 5-8 open flowers at a time per spike during summer) than the bloom that occurs on species plants and most other cultivars. The parents of this patented plant are Gaura ‘White Fountain’ (female parent) and Gaura ‘Siskyou Pink’ (male parent). Narrow lance-shaped leaves (1-3” long) on wiry stems emerge reddish in spring, but matures to green

Perennial Flowers

Fragaria ‘Lipstick’

Fragaria Lipstick Fragaria LipstickDescription: Improved ornamental strawberry is slightly mounded in form with luscious dark green foliage, deep rose red flowers, appearing in April to June, then again in fall. Small berries also appear, but are not adviable to consume. Fragaria ‘Lipstick’ has a creeping habit that makes for a wonderful groundcover as well as an accent to almost any perennial in the garden.

Perennial Flowers

Euphorbia ‘Chameleon’

Euphorbia d Chameleon Euphorbia ChameleonLatin Name: Euphorbia d

Description: An erect, rhizomatous perennial typically growing 12-20” tall. Oblong leaves emerge dusky purple in spring, mature to a rich burgundy-purple and acquire a reddish tinge in autumn. Stems are also purple. Yellow flowers (actually showy bracts) appear in late spring and are usually lightly tinged with purple. The true flowers are yellowish-green and inconspicuous. Foliage provides interesting summer and fall accent. Milky sap can irritate skin and eyes and is mildly poisonous if ingested.

Perennial Flowers

Echinacea P. Green Envy

Echinacea p. Green Envy Echinacea P. Green EnvyDescription: A new Coneflower for those of us still intrigued by green flowers…. ‘Green Envy’ displays pale green petals blushed with pink, providing a bevy of lovely cut flowers for arranging. Grows 30-36″ tall.

Perennial Flowers

Echinacea ‘After Midnight’

Echinacea After Midnight Echinacea After MidnightDescription: (Coneflower) Echinacea ‘After Midnight’ PP18,768 is a very distinctive new dwarf coneflower with fragrant, dark magenta purple flowers and a black-red cone. The wide flower petals overlap, giving the blossoms a full, substantial presence. For added drama, they are presented on black stems above the blue-green foliage. ‘After Midnight’ PP18,768 is well-branched and very compact, growing to only 12 inches high! This hot little number is the perfect choice for containers or the front of the flower border.

Perennial Flowers

Doronicum ‘Golden Pygmy’

Doronicum o Golden Pygmy Doronicum Golden PygmyLatin Name: Doronicum o.

Description: This delightful! companion for spring bulbs, produces 3″ golden yellow daisies on compact 10″stems with glossy-green scalloped foliage that slowly spreads to form a clump. Sun/Med

Perennial Flowers

Digitalis ‘Mertonensis’

Digitalis Mertonensis Digitalis MertonensisDescription: Large tubular flowers that are the color of blended strawberries and cream – giving it is more common nick name ”Strawberry Foxglove”. Mertonensis is a very dependable Foxglove that is the result of crossing D. purpurea with D. grandiflora. Blooming begins in April and last into June. Flowers are born on 4 foot stalks that stand erect with out the need for staking. Foliage forms large rosettes of velvety, green, oblong leaves that adds to the appeal of Mertonensis. While we try hard not to have favorites – we have to admit that this classic Foxglove gets more than its fair share of garden space here at our nursery. Plant in partial shade in a soil that has been amended with an ample amount of compost and rotted manure. For the best visual effect plant in groups of at least three.

Perennial Flowers

Dicentra ‘King Of Hearts’

Dicentra King of Hearts Dicentra King Of HeartsDescription: ‘King of Hearts’ is a compact bleeding heart hybrid cultivar resulting from a cross of the Japanese species D. peregrina with two American species D. formosa subsp. oregana and D. eximia. It typically produces a foliage mound to 6-8” tall and 14” wide of deeply-cut, fern-like, bluish-green leaves that persists throughout the growing season. Nodding, heart-shaped, rich carmine-rose flowers are carried above the foliage to 10-15” tall on long, leafless, erect to slightly leaning stems. In St. Louis, primary bloom is in May and June, with flowering slowing down considerably or stopping in the heat of the summer, but with a possible rebloom occurring when the weather cools in late summer to early fall. Flowering may continue throughout the summer in cool northern climates.

Perennial Flowers

Dianthus ‘Brilliant Star’

Dianthus Brilliant Star Dianthus Brilliant StarDescription: (Pinks) Dianthus ‘Brilliant Star’ PP13,025 has compact bluish-green mounds that are covered in semi-double white blooms with contrasting burgundy centers. ‘Brilliant Star’ PP13,025 blooms profusely in late spring and keeps reblooming into summer if old spring blooms are removed. A wonderful addition to the ”Star” series of Dianthus.

Perennial Flowers


Delphinium g Mistral Blue LarkspurLatin Name: Delphinium g. ‘mistral blue’

Description: Spray type single Delphinium ‘Mistral’ is suitable for bouquets. Besides cut use, it is also excellent for large container pots. It has an excellent branching habit and produces a lot of flowers on each stem.

Perennial Flowers

Delosperma ‘Starburst’

Delosperma fl. Starburst Delosperma StarburstLatin Name: Delosperma fl.

Description: ‘Starburst’ is a succulent, mat-forming, ice plant cultivar that typically grows to only 4” tall but spreads to 20” wide. Foliage is covered with bright lilac-purple flowers (to 1.5” diameter) with white centers from late May to fall. Intensity of the flower color and length of the bloom enhances the ornamental interest of these plants. Succulent fleshy green foliage. Foliage is covered with transparent flakes that somewhat resemble tiny pieces of ice, hence the common name. Plants are evergreen in warm winter climates, but at best only semi-evergreen in the St. Louis area.

Perennial Flowers

Gold Nugget

Delosperma c Mesa Verde Gold NuggetLatin Name: Delosperma c. mesa verde

Description: 12” x 18” wide. Forms a dense mat of succulent, green leaves and makes a fantastic, vigorous groundcover. Pink from late Spring through early Fall.

Perennial Flowers

Coreopsis ‘Early Sunrise’

Coreopsis g Early Sunrise Coreopsis Early SunriseLatin Name: Coreopsis g.

Description: The Coreopsis ‘Early Sunrise’, Coreopsis grandiflora, is a definite superstar among yellow flowers. This All-American Selections Gold Metal Award Winner has yellow flowers flush to orange-yellow near the center and bloom June through October. In the Tickseed family, the dark green thread leaf foliage makes a great contrast with the flower color. ‘Early Sunrise’ has a plant height of 24” and a spread of 10-12” and is a frog and hedgehog attractor. ‘Early Sunrise’ should be planted in full sun.

Perennial Flowers

Baby Sun

Coreopsis g Baby Sun Baby SunLatin Name: Coreopsis g.

Description: BABY SUN is a compact lanceleaf coreopsis cultivar. Features solitary, yellow, daisy-like flowers (1-2” diameter) with yellow rays (lobed at the tips) and flat darker yellow center disks atop slender, erect stems rising 15-20” tall. Flowers typically bloom from late spring to late summer and sometimes well into fall, though bloom period can be much shorter if spent flowers are not regularly deadheaded. Narrow, lance-shaped leaves are mostly located in a tuft near the base of the plant. Lower basal leaves are mostly entire, while smaller stem leaves may be pinnately lobed. Plants in the genus Coreopsis are sometimes commonly called tickseed in reference to the resemblance of the seeds to ticks.

Perennial Flowers

Chelone ‘Hot Lips’ ‘Pink Turtlehead’ ‘Lyons Turtlehead’

Chelone Hot Lips Chelone Hot Lips Pink Turtlehead Lyons TurtleheadLatin Name: Chelone

Description: Lustrous, deeper green foliage, topped in August and September with rose pink turtle head shaped flowers. Red stems that persist most of the season. Bronze green early season growth is another distinctive feature.

Perennial Flowers

Campanula ‘Blue Waterfall’

Campanula p Blue Waterfall Campanula Blue WaterfallLatin Name: Campanula p.

Description: A delicate waterfall of flowers cascades from the vigorously spreading plant. The cool blue blooms transform from tight bells to full stars. Lovely gracing a large urn as the cascading element of a trio combination. Quickly fills a garden spot up to two feet wide; an excellent choice for drier areas.