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What You Need To Know Before Buying From Nurseries In Brooklyn

30 May , 2015  

A plant nursery is important in the growth of plants and their propagation. Tree or plant nurseries are prepared in many forms depending on the type of plants required. Nurseries also differ in geographical regions and type of soils available in those areas. Despite the differences, plant nurseries have to be well prepared in order to give good plant germination or propagation rate.

In cities and towns, tree nurseries require better care considering that they constantly give out and have no time to rejuvenate in terms of nutrients. It is therefore important to add on nutrients and more so natural nutrients such as mulching and compost. Brooklyn is a big suburb that is rapidly growing and is home to many plants and trees with many others that continue to be cared for in those nurseries.

These trees, flowers and other plants are mainly sourced from the many plant nurseries in Brooklyn. When looking for trees or even flowers, it is important to get a reputable nursery in order to get quality seedlings or plants that are free of diseases or pests infestation which can easily be transferred to your other species or garden. There is a reason for everything and in visiting nurseries in Brooklyn; there are factors you need to know.

What are their costs?

Cost is very important and we insist that you should always get value for money. You need to be well versed with product prices and any other costs accruing in buying from a specific nursery. Your budget is what determines what you will buy and in what quantities. It is therefore important to compare prices and settle at which you feel most comfortable with.

Are they professionals?

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Dealing with a professional and a self taught jack of all trades are two totally different experiences. A professional in the agricultural field running a nursery will have intricate details as compared to a self taught business man only out to make money. It is therefore important that in your visit, you check for any certifications in order to have confidence with the nursery. A person well trained in the field of operation will also have practical solutions to problems such as plant diseases and advice on what should work best in specific areas.


Though you are not sure if it is much of your business knowing whether or not the nursery is licensed, it is pretty much your business. Legal businesses have a way in which they are run as compared to illegal ones. For a nursery in Brooklyn, it is easy to know if it is licensed or not because it will be clearly visible from the office display. And why is it important to you. The main answer is the assurance of the quality of the products and who to contact in cases of legal problems such as plant or tree prohibitions in your jurisdiction. An illegal businessman will pass on the liability to you leaving you with unnecessary burdens.

Pay the nursery a visit

The above two points have touched on physically authenticating the certification of the proprietor and the business. This puts the right amount of emphasis on why you should visit the nursery. In addition to these factors, there have been cases of virtual nurseries that do not really exist. You will realize this when it is too late and having lost your money. There is also having a physical look of a plant or flower that you needed but can’t remember its specie name. A visit will enable you to identify it and save you from losing money to swindlers.

Other extra services

The need o buy a plant or tree does not mean you know how to plant or take care of it. Some may even require real expertise because they are delicate and require a certain soil preparation process and planted in a certain manner. In this case the nursery should have such an expert in order to facilitate sale of such plants.

Extra services can also include delivery to your home or garden. After buying the plants, they will require immediate transfer to the garden and the quick they are delivered the better to avoid loss from drying up. A nursery that offers delivery at a minimal fee or includes the delivery charges in the plant prices will be a better option.

Every plant or tree grows better if the function which is the germination and initial planting is done in the right manner. This signifies the importance of plant nurseries and the role they play in ensuring we have a green environment and trees all over. However, it is important to know there are many hoaxes especially in the internet that will claim to sell trees or plants and have them shipped only to vanish after receiving money. Therefore, it’s important to have a physical look or get a referral from a person with previous experience with the nursery.