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Perennial Flowers


15 Mar , 2015  

fall mumms yellow MumLatin Name: Dendranthema x grandiflora

Water Instructions: If you keep your plants constantly wet, then they’ll constantly grow. too much can lead to bud overgrowth, and affect optimal blooming. allow the plant to dry out “slightly” between waterings. do not let them wilt. slight signs of wilting where the buds look like they may wilt but have not actually done so is ok. water in the mornings. best not to water at night. the plant’s vegetative growth occurs mostly at night. reducing the amount of water at night will slow the plant down. by altering the amount you feed and by altering the way or timing you water, you can either bring a mum into bloom faster or delay that bloom time.

Description: Mums are synonymous with gardening in fall.