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Perennial Flowers

Mango Lassi- Garden Splendor

15 Mar , 2015  

Geum Mango Lassi Mango Lassi  Garden SplendorLatin Name: Geum ‘mango lassi’

Description: In a luscious mix of lemon, mango, peach, apricot, and orange hues, this delectable Geum’s slightly ruffled petals are layered around a tiny, strawberry-like cone. Low, fuzzy, evergreen leaves offer fall and winter color. ‘Mango Lassi’ is perfect in rock gardens or, for extra punch, try it in front of Physocarpus Coppertina.An extremely hardy genus of about 50 species, mostly from north or south temperate zones and the Arctic. Both flowers and foliage are effective, and they are not particular about soil. They do best in sun and also thrive in light shade. They bloom early, but moisture and deadheading will bring flowers all season. Small Geums are splendid rock garden plants; give the larger varieties front-row positions in the perennial border.