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What You Should Look Out For When Buying Top Soil In NYC

29 May , 2015  

Human activity over the past years has rendered soil near useless especially with the addition of chemicals and other effluents that are harmful to it. Top soil is essential in plant growing because it holds bulk of the minerals required by plants in addition to having the largest root concentration. In order for soil to be referred to as top, the depth from the surface and the quality are established.

In many cities today, the quality of top soil no longer stands in the definition of soil because it is almost non-existent because of the concentration of buildings and other activities which cover it or has depleted it. Soil suffers moving when construction of high-rise buildings is taking place in order to get good foundations. On the other hand, there is depletion of the level of nutrients required for plant growth.

Top soil in NYC and other big cities require rehabilitation in order to be used for planting. For commercial purposes, there are soils that are sold for garden improvement as well as lawns. It is important to look out for a company that has been in business for some time because there are armatures who might want to experiment with you. Many players in the industry such as gardens or plant nurseries will have reliable information on good types of top soils.


Does soil age? This may seem an absurd question but it is a reality that soil gets old. However, there is rejuvenation that is achieved through addition of compost and humus as well as processed top soil. Replenishing top soil is important and though it might be impossible to determine the age, top soil suppliers should have a standard that proves it is of the right age.


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Though age and quality could be synonymous in reference to soil, quality looks much into the nutrient levels and texture. The nutrients levels can be easily determined through soil testing while the texture is what is felt on touch. When sourcing for soil, it is important that the soil should be free of rocks and not have any clumps making it ideal for all forms of planting.

Soil types available

Top soil varies in types which then are the basis of what it can support or not. Top soil supplier should have a wide variety such as organic nutri-soil, mulch, gravel, loam and soil blends among others. This is because specific varieties will have different plant growth effects. Different soils that you have as the client also require different top soils which emphasize the need for the supplier to have as many types as possible.

What are the prices?

Different business people price their merchandise differently depending on where they sourced them and the desired profit margins. The prices can also be influenced by the business location among other factors. You as the buyer on the other hand require a product that is well priced depending in your capacity to buy. However, it does not mean that you don’t have a choice because before deciding on a buyer, you can shop around for the most competitive prices.

The costs should also address some factors such as spreading the soil in the garden or any other after sale service that entices you to buy from a specific supplier. When buying, it is also important to make sure that what you are paying is what you get.

Supplier location

The product, top soil in this context may be available and priced conveniently for you as well as be of the desired quality. However, the distance from your location to the supplier may be so many miles. This increases on the delivery cost which means that the top soil eventually becomes extremely expensive for you. The choice of Top soil in NY should be conveniently located to your desired garden location in order to minimize on the transportation charges.


Soil Certification as mentioned above touches on the quality. However, in this context it refers on the well being of the top soil. Is it infected with diseases or not should be a key factor that influences your decision to buy. Infected top soils will transfer the disease to your plants or garden which will result in poor production and quality of plants. It is therefore extremely vital that the choice of soil be free from any diseases or pests.

To know the top soil you are using, there are several things that you must know; the kind of soil you want to develop and the desired qualities. The main question that should linger in your mind is; what is drainage affected addition of top soil and how you can evaluate the quality f your top soil. This is because the quality of top soil and drainage because they are the main determinants of its production capacity. This is information that you should easily get from the soil supplier.