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We have a 20,000 sq. ft. Nursery One of Brooklyn's Largest!

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We have a 20,000 square foot Nursery – One of Brooklyn’s Largest!

Tasteful landscape designs are great introductions to your home. Call us for a free estimate on a custom landscape and maintenance to keep your lawns and gardens healthy and happy.

There is nothing more beautiful for a house’s exterior than a well planned and impeccably groomed garden, with flowerbeds, hedges and a luxurious lawn. Landscape design, also known simply as landscaping, is somewhere between an art form and a detailed craft. You wouldn’t trust your home’s exterior to just anybody. You want it to be easy to look after, uncomplicated to maintain and amazing to behold. We can do all of that for you, and more!

Welcome to one of the best professional New York Landscape Design companies. We at King’s Nurseries like to think of ourselves as landscape engineers. We don’t outsource, but grow our own plants for you to choose from. Our 20,000 square foot nursery is among the biggest in the Brooklyn area. It is home to vast variety of plants, from flowers, to hedges, to trees of all kinds.

New York Landscaping Done by Professionals

Producing a passable landscape is not that difficult. Designing a landscape that both looks good and lasts is where it gets tricky. Doing those two things and arranging it in a way that would require minimal maintenance is even harder, unless you hire a landscape design New York specialist, and have them do it for you.

Our service comes complete with catalogues of flowers, plants, implements, watering systems, plant food and the expert knowledge that allows us to put those things together into a design that you will love to come home to. Hundreds of homes in the surrounding neighborhoods are proud to exhibit landscaping done by our caring specialists.

360 Degree Landscaping

Our expertise in landscape design expands to the back yard. We can combining the garden elegantly with your patio, barbeque area, swimming pool or pond. The look we provide is complete, organic and natural, complemented by elegant stone walking-paths, water fountains and pretty much anything you want to integrate into your New York home’s new landscape look.

Reviving and Repairing Landscapes

Sometimes you don’t need a complete overhaul and have a landscape designed from scratch. An existing design may simply need some refreshing. It can be because some of the plants didn’t work together well, or the watering system failed and some of the vegetation died. It can be simply because you want to give your yard a fresh new look. Regardless of the reason, we can come in and find the optimal solution just for you.

Sometimes all it may need is to install a few new sprinklers and add some plant food to the soil. At others, a flowerbed needs to be repopulated with longer-lasting flowers that work better with the rest of the design. Sometimes all you need is a few nice lamps to light the walkway. No job is too small or too big for us to take on and dedicate ourselves to.

For more information on prices, stock or advice from our dedicated specialists, call King’s Nurseries Landscaping New York and we will make sure to turn your dream garden into vivid reality. We are here for you.