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Key Factors You Need To Consider For Starting Plant Nurseries In NYC

2 Jun , 2015  

In gardening, a nursery is an important aspect as it is in education. Despite being a learning center that propagates and develops the capacities of a child and prepare the child for formal education, a plant nursery plays an almost similar role. In the nursery, the seeds are placed in the soil or planted and monitored for effective shooting, proper spacing, moisture levels among many other aspects of germination and growth.

Plant nurseries take seeds and play a key role in the propagation and growth of those seeds in to plants of desirable sizes. Like in schooling, there are both general public nurseries and private ones which are meant for supplying private estates or specific institutions. Despite being a bustling metropolis, New York City requires trees and other plants such as flowers and herbs to keep its ecosystem running. In order to achieve this, plant nurseries are a must have. There are several factors that should be factored in starting plant nurseries in NYC.


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In any business, location is very important. This is because if you do not own a piece of land and you do not have the finances to purchase one, leasing is the most appropriate option. In selecting the location, it is important to make sure it is properly zoned for that purpose. The location should also have adequate supply of the utilities required. With all these aspects considered, the location should be suitable in terms of the distance to the market and suppliers.

Is it legal?

In a venture that touches on resources such as soil and water, legal aspects play a role as well as the zoning and growing regulations. For starters, there is need to check if a license is required for the business and if yes what is the process in obtaining one. Consequently there is need to check the designated land use for the proposed area which is referred to as zoning. This is important because the proposed land may be set aside for other purpose than agribusiness. Utilities such as water and electricity if required should be properly designated for the intended use. Another thing to check is the plant certification regulations.


Assuming the plants in the nursery are intended for sale, there is need to check on the potential market for the plants. The market can be dedicated to sell to a single buyer or rely on walk in buyers. The market is the main determinant of the types of plants to grow. Many plant nurseries in NYC manly grow flowers and other plants for ornamentation purposes and sell within New York.

The market also determines the quantities of plants to be grown in each species. However, this is a tricky issue because where there is a huge quantity; the gardener will be bombarded by surpluses and on the other hand, if the quantities are too low, the demand will be under supplied.


In any venture, costing is important because it is the main factor that determines the initiation or continuity of any business venture. The initial costs mainly consists of land lease, land preparation, purchasing equipments, seedling containers and landscaping fabrics where required. In addition to these costs there are overheads in utilities and labor that also needs to be set aside. Another additional cost is the training costs. Training is imperative in getting the basic skills on how to run the business and keep it running while making sure profits are trickling in.

Be informed

Information is power. Starting plant nurseries in NYC requires a lot of information. Understanding the local growing conditions coupled with the prospective or underlying problems and ways to overcome them is vital in ensuring the plant nursery runs smoothly. On this footing, it is important to talk to others in the same business such as landscapers in order to find out what keeps them in business.

Studying the preferable plant species that you intend to grow in order to be able to plan on the tentative time expected from planting to harvest. While new in business, this is an important illustrator of what to expect in the consequent plantings. There are plants that can take up to three years which are not favorable for a new business. Others can take a relatively short time which will be favorable to the new business.

Availability of supplies

With all other factors considered, the availability for supplies should not be left out. In this context, supplies refer to seedlings or seeds required for the nursery. The planter may have a good piece of land, in a good location but without the right seedlings or plants, all this will be rendered useless. Establishing good relations with these suppliers is crucial because they are also a determinant of your profit levels or even business continuity.