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Kalmia I. ‘Heart Of Fire’

14 Mar , 2015  

Kalmia I Heart of Fire Kalmia I. Heart Of FireDescription: This bushy eastern native shrub, which is grown for its showy flowers, is best suited in an informal border or woodland setting. Leaves are oval, dark green, glossy, to 5 inches long. Pink cup-shaped flowers are held in large corymbs 3 to 4 inches across open from May to June. Other flower colors may range from red to white too. Loves moist, acid soil as other members of the Ericaceae family. ‘Heart of Fire’ buds are red, opening to a deep pink. This cultivar was selected from the cultivar ‘Ostbo Red’ for better foliage and growing habit. It was introduced by Melrose Nursery in Olympia, WA.