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Important Guidelines For Handling Artificial Grass

20 Apr , 2015  

Unlike ordinary grass that requires lawn, artificial does not require the kind of care and maintenance that is mandatory for natural grass. With artificial grass, there is no need for fertilization, soil aeration, mowing or sprinkling to keep it evergreen. Although this is the case, it does not entirely mean that artificial grass needs no maintenance. On the contrary, you need to observe certain things to keep the artificial grass looking good and be able to enjoy its benefits. Artificial grass needs regular or occasional maintenance to keep it free from dust. The following explain more about keeping artificial grass in the best condition.

Cleaning it up

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The number of times that you will have to clean the artificial grass depends on a particular case. Certain factors at play necessitate the need for regular or occasional cleaning of artificial grass. For instance, if you have kids or pets that play outside or you leave in a place with trees and shrubs, then you will have to clean the artificial grass quite more often as compared to people who do not have these factors.

Your geographical location is also key in the maintenance of your fake lawn. Dusty places will prompt regular rinsing of the artificial lawn for it to be safe and healthy for use. Maintaining your artificial lawn is something that you can decide to do periodically as per your schedule. You may work with one of the following options that seem great for you.

Weekly and monthly basis maintenance

For weekly artificial grass maintenance, you only need to rinse it lightly to eliminate such things as dust or any form dirt that accumulates over the course of time. To effectively rinse it, you need to spray the artificial grass using a hose removing any trace of dust and debris that accumulate when washing. Monthly maintenance becomes necessary when you need to keep your grass looking spectacularly clean, green and appealing. In general, it calls for thorough and effective synthetic cleaning. Lawn rakes are particularly ideal in this case to remove all debris, dirt, leaves and dust.

Brooms with stiff bristles can also suffice for this very task. When using stiff brush, ensure it is not one with steel bristles. Steel bristles end up damaging the synthetic in the process of scrubbing off dusts and debris. Therefore, the more pets you have at home, the more you will carry regular monthly cleaning. You are likely to notice that even although you do some good cleaning, the grass is not as upright it should be. In addition, you may observe that the grass in certain parts of synthetic is not erect after laying on it. Anything that lies on the artificial grass for quite some time affects its erectness.

Fixing the erectness of the artificial grass is not much of a task. By using a broom, you can groom and restore its previous amazing look. Regular grooming is a good way to avoid matting and lawn compacting. Sometimes when you move to a new home that has artificial grass, you may find it not groomed. More often than not, it is recommendable to seek professional assistance to restore the lawn back to its previous state.

Getting rid of pet waste

To remove pet waste off the lawn, you may use any preferred method. You may use a plastic bag or a pooper-scooper to get the waste and dispose of it. The minute you are through with disposing the pet waste, get a hose and spray water on the affected region. For a cleaner and odorless lawn, it is paramount to regularly hose down on the places where pets urinate frequently. A bottle of turf deodorizer comes in handy to keep off bad odor from the artificial grass.

Eliminating bacteria

Bacteria can cause infections if uncontrolled in a particular case. When it comes to artificial grass, bacteria is not much of an issue because the remedy to them is antimicrobials. Alternatively, when you feel like there is too much bacteria in your artificial grass, you can use a proportionate mixture of vinegar and water and pour it on the grass to eliminate all the bacteria.

Avoiding stains and burn

It is possible to repair stains and burns in artificial grass. Burns generally result from cigarettes. Though there is a solution to this problem, it is better to avoid frequent spills and burns. Certain spills such motor oil, acids and lubricants discolor the turf. The best way to avoid contact with these substances is to ensure you repair your car far from the artificial lawn. In the event of accidents, it is often advisable to contact your artificial lawn manufacturer for repair options.

Landscaping in Brooklyn can particularly look stunning when it incorporates artificial grass. The reason why they look good all the time is because of regular maintenance and immediate repair in the event of accidents resulting in damages.