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Are Your House Plants Experiencing Stunted Growth?

1 Mar , 2016  

Using plants to decorate your home or office is a good idea. When expertly executed, such a plan has the potential to convert any room into one that is comfortable, cool and generally a fun place to be in. However, before you can get to this position, you may need to go through some hurdles. One of these is simply making sure that the plants survive.

There are many people who enthusiastically buy plants, only to be later disappointed by the fact that they end up not growing as well as they expected. This could manifest as wilting or having the leaves become yellow with time. Though this can be frustrating, it only takes a few procedures to find out where the problem is, so that you can then solve it. The things you need to think about if you find your house plants not growing as well as you expected them to include:

You are watering them too little

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This is usually the commonest reason why such plants don’t grow as fast as they should. When they are not watered right, plants tend to lack the nutrients they need for metabolism, and this will manifest as wilting and yellowing of leaves. With time, the plant could also become stunted and die off in the most severe cases.

To avoid this, you should always find out what the watering requirements of each plant is, and then ensure that you provide it with the amount of water it needs. The stores that sell plants in Brooklyn should be a good source of information for this, so you should always consult them when buying the plants from them. Alternatively, you can always check the information online. This will require you to know the species of the plant you are growing.

You are watering them too much

Being overzealous with watering could also result in problems for some plant species. There are some that will not tolerate too much water, and could end up behaving in the same manner as plants that are not receiving enough water. Finding out how much water they need and then ensuring that they don’t receive much more will solve this. In addition to that, you may also need to ensure that the medium they are grown in is well drained. Soils that retain most of the water content get quickly waterlogged, and should therefore be avoided.

Not enough light

If your house plants are not growing right, you may be surprised to find that this is simply because they do not receive the amount of light that they need. A good example of this is when you grow tropical plants in a hallway where there is too little light, most of which is artificial. If you have to grow plants in such an environment, it would be wise for you to choose those that are accustomed to low light situations.

There could be a pest problem

Just as is the case in nature, the cause of stunted growth for your house plants could simply be down to pests and weeds. It’s easy to neglect this cause of stunted growth, because most people don’t think that it happens to house plants. However, if you have done everything you can to make your plants healthy but are not succeeding, it would not hurt to check this aspect. You may need to spend money on pest control services to get rid of any identified problems. Examples of this include small insects that damage parts of the plant resulting in poor growth.

Identifying the cause of poor growth in a house plant requires you to be systematic and in many cases to think outside the box. Once you have identified and dealt with the problem, there should be no difficulty in ending up with lush, healthy-looking plants.