Havahart Critter Ridder

Using taste and scent deterrents, Critter Ridder is the humane solution you need to keep animals away from areas you want to protect. This 2 lb. shaker can contains granules that are made from a mixture of piperine, capsaicin and oil of black pepper. This combination provides repellent action against a number of animals including raccoons, groundhogs, skunks, chipmunks and squirrels. It is also for use against dogs and cats eager to do their business in places you don’t want them to do it. Each treatment lasts about 30 days and you can use it outdoors as a perimeter treatment around gardens, on your lawn, inside trash cans and inside indoor spaces that aren’t living areas, such as sheds and garages. Critter Ridder is OMRI Listed and compliant for use in organic production. This Havahart product has been third-party reviewed by the Organic Materials Review Institute.

  • Repels by taste and odor – not offensive to humans
  • Proven to repel cats, dogs, chipmunks, groundhogs, squirrels and skunks
  • One application lasts up to 30 days – reapply after heavy rain
  • Contains oil of black pepper, piperine and capsaicin
  • EPA registered
  • OMRI Listed and compliant for use in organic gardening
  • Outdoor use: gardens, lawns, and landscaped areas
  • Indoor use: basements, cellars, and storage
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