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Gro-tone®All Natural Organic Liquid Plant Food

Gro tone222 181x300 Gro tone®All Natural Organic Liquid Plant Food

• For indoor & outdoor plants
• Promotes bigger plants & blooms
• No fishy odor (mint scented )
• Will not burn leaves or roots
• Will not clog drip systems or sprayers
• Available in 16 oz. concentrate

What is Gro-tone?
Espoma Gro-tone™ is no ordinary fish fertilizer. Unlike other product swhich rely on the ‘catch of the day’, Gro-tone™ is derived solely from farm-raised catfish that have been fed a strict diet of grains, minerals and vitamins. This controlled environment ensures consistency in every bottle.The proteins from these fish are uniquely processed to preserve the nutrients and produce an all natural organic plant food that won’t clog drip systems and sprayers. A pleasant mint scent is added to avoid the unpleasant odor found in other fish based products.

1 oz equals 2 tbsp. or 2 capfuls
• Shake well before using.
• Feed every 3-4 weeks during the growing season.
• For Indoor Plants, mix 1 oz. of Gro-tone™ per gallon of water.
• For Outdoor Plants, mix 2-4 oz. of Gro-tone™ per gallon of water.
• Spray foliage or water plants thoroughly with the mixture.
• Use all of the diluted plant food – do not store.
• Wash hands after use.