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Grapes, Plums and Cherries

Bing Cherry

bing Bing CherryDescription: Large, firm, juicy, sweet, nearly black when ripe — superb flavor, the No.1 cherry. Mid-season. Large vigorous tree. Pollenized by: Black Tartarian, Van, Rainier and in colder climates, Stella . Estimated chilling requirement: 700 hours.

Grapes, Plums and Cherries

Reliance Red Seedless

Reliance Red Seedless Reliance Red SeedlessDescription: Reliance Seedless Grapes ‘Vitis ‘Reliance’ is a high quality dessert grape. It is a purple-red, medium sized berry and is one of the best tasting grapes. This grape can be eaten fresh as well as used in desserts, jams, jellies and fruit salads. One of the interesting things about the Reliance grape is that it will go through many color changes before it is fully ripe. The changes tend to vary according to where it is grown. It can vary from almost no color, to pinks, reds and purples. Being seedless, you also don’t have to worry about seeding them for desserts or what to do with the seeds as you eat them fresh

Grapes, Plums and Cherries

Himrod Seedless

Himrod Seedless Himrod SeedlessDescription: This highly-productive, seedless grape has large handsome clusters turning golden yellow when fully ripe. Clusters are loose, berries medium sized, entirely seedless, crispy sweet throughout with fine flavor. Berries can be eaten just like California Seedless with no seeds to bother. We think they are much better flavored and sweeter than California Seedless. Fruit ripens late August or about a week later than Interlaken Seedless. This is a sister seedling of Interlaken Seedless and originated at the New York State Experimental Station. It is hardier than Interlaken and not prone to winter injury. The vine is productive. Mature vine will yield 10-15 pounds of grapes.

Grapes, Plums and Cherries

Santa Rosa Plum

Santa Rosa Plum Santa Rosa PlumDescription: Most popular plum in California & Arizona. Juicy, tangy, flavorful. Reddish-purple skin, amber flesh tinged red. Late June in Central Calif. 300 hours. Self-fruitful.

Grapes, Plums and Cherries

Vitis ‘Niagara’

vitis niagara Vitis NiagaraLatin Name: Vitis

Description: The Niagara Grape (White), Vitis labrusca ‘Niagara’ , is a seedless grape that is commonly used for wines, champagnes, jams/jellies and juice. The Niagara Grape has a very sweet taste that makes it perfect to serve fresh on the table. Grapes are faily high maintenance plants but easily worth the additional time to care for the plant.

Grapes, Plums and Cherries

Vitis ‘Canadice’

vitis candice Vitis CanadiceLatin Name: Vitis

Description: The Candice Grape, Vitis ‘Canadice’, is a very good red seedless variety with compact fruit clusters of large berries. Candice is very vigorous with good winter hardiness. It is a woody, deciduous, tendril climbing vine which typically grows 15-20 feet long, unless pruned shorter. Ripening in early September, it is considered to be a good grape for jams, jellies and fresh eating. With its large, shallowly-three-lobed, green foliage, it has flowers that are attractive to bees and ripe fruit is attractive to some hornets and wasps. This grape tolerates a wide range of soil conditions, but must have good drainage. Grapes are primarily grown for fruit production in home fruit gardens where they provide good ornamental value: bold summer foliage, showy fruit, some fall color and shaggy, twisted trunking and branching often best seen in winter. Grapes need a good support system like fences, walls, trellises, arbors or other structures.