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Perennial Flowers

Gaura I. Pink Fountain

15 Mar , 2015  

Gaura I. Pink Fountain Gaura I. Pink FountainDescription: PINK FOUNTAIN is a perennial gaura that features 4-petaled, light pink flowers in wand-like panicles on dense, upright plants typically growing to 2-3′ tall. Flowers open a few at a time and dance in the wind like butterflies over a long late spring to autumn bloom period. Bloom on this plant is more floriferous (typically 5-8 open flowers at a time per spike during summer) than the bloom that occurs on species plants and most other cultivars. The parents of this patented plant are Gaura ‘White Fountain’ (female parent) and Gaura ‘Siskyou Pink’ (male parent). Narrow lance-shaped leaves (1-3” long) on wiry stems emerge reddish in spring, but matures to green