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Flava Trumpet Vine

14 Mar , 2015  

campsis radicans flava Flava Trumpet VineLatin Name: Campsis radicans

Description: Campsis radicans is a deciduous, clinging vine, extremely vigorous growing, can reach 30 to 40 feet high. It needs to be frequently pruned to keep it at bay, it is an effective fast cover. ‘Flava’ has lovely, trumpet-shaped yellow flowers which bloom all summer on trouble-free vines. Foliage is glossy, dark green, yellow-green fall color is not effective. Will grow out of a crack in the sidewalk. Some pests attack this plant but do not seriously bother it. Prefers full sun for maximum growth and flower production, but tolerates partial shade. Hardy in zone 3b. Keep soil moist until completely established. Drought tolerant when established.