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Dwarf Fothergilla

14 Mar , 2015  

Fothergilla Gardenia Dwarf FothergillaLatin Name: Fothergilla gardenia

Description: This fothergilla species (sometimes commonly called dwarf fothergilla) is native to the southeastern U.S. It is a compact, slow-growing, deciduous shrub with a dense, mounded, upright-spreading habit which typically grows 2-3′ (less frequently to 4′) tall and as wide. Best ornamental features are its fragrant spring flowers, summer foliage and superior fall color. Features terminal, bottlebrush-like spikes (1-2” long) of tiny, fragrant, apetulous, ivory white flowers. Flower color comes from the showy stamens (white filaments and yellowish anthers). Flowers appear in spring, usually before the foliage emerges. Rounded to oblong, leathery, dark green leaves (to 2.5” long) turn varying shades of red, orange and yellow in fall.