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Perennial Flowers

Digitalis ‘Mertonensis’

15 Mar , 2015  

Digitalis Mertonensis Digitalis MertonensisDescription: Large tubular flowers that are the color of blended strawberries and cream – giving it is more common nick name ”Strawberry Foxglove”. Mertonensis is a very dependable Foxglove that is the result of crossing D. purpurea with D. grandiflora. Blooming begins in April and last into June. Flowers are born on 4 foot stalks that stand erect with out the need for staking. Foliage forms large rosettes of velvety, green, oblong leaves that adds to the appeal of Mertonensis. While we try hard not to have favorites – we have to admit that this classic Foxglove gets more than its fair share of garden space here at our nursery. Plant in partial shade in a soil that has been amended with an ample amount of compost and rotted manure. For the best visual effect plant in groups of at least three.