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Perennial Flowers

Dicentra ‘King Of Hearts’

15 Mar , 2015  

Dicentra King of Hearts Dicentra King Of HeartsDescription: ‘King of Hearts’ is a compact bleeding heart hybrid cultivar resulting from a cross of the Japanese species D. peregrina with two American species D. formosa subsp. oregana and D. eximia. It typically produces a foliage mound to 6-8” tall and 14” wide of deeply-cut, fern-like, bluish-green leaves that persists throughout the growing season. Nodding, heart-shaped, rich carmine-rose flowers are carried above the foliage to 10-15” tall on long, leafless, erect to slightly leaning stems. In St. Louis, primary bloom is in May and June, with flowering slowing down considerably or stopping in the heat of the summer, but with a possible rebloom occurring when the weather cools in late summer to early fall. Flowering may continue throughout the summer in cool northern climates.