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Buying From Garden Centers In NYC: What Should You Consider?

1 Jun , 2015  

Whilst New York City is mainly urban, there are a good number of gardens that help in keeping the city green and provide the necessary air that is required for daily living. These are business operators that dwell on sale of plants and the related products as well as providing gardening or landscaping services. Many garden centers are developed from tree nurseries but cover a wide range of plants and offer extra services such as landscaping, landscaping material and auxiliary services as compared to nurseries which are often limited to plants.

In many countries including the US, the words ‘nursery’ and ‘garden center’ mean the same thing. From these centers, there are many types of plants available such as shrubs, flowers, house plants, seeds and plant baskets among many other products. When thinking of buying plants or trees from a garden center in NYC, check out on the following aspects:

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Years of operations

Experience is the best teacher for many people. This is true in many respects because a child cannot understand the importance of compost or watering a tree. This applies to many armatures who are new in business and do not have enough experience to understand what works well where and what does not. The experienced garden center knows what the customer wants and will go an extra mile in advising the client and making sure that everything works out. This is a sure way of getting more business besides leaving the client happy and satisfied.


Everyone is entitled to get value for money in whatever they buy. In gardening, quality of trees or plants is a significant factor in influencing the quality of the plants in the client’s pots or garden. Some plants carry infections and diseases which are contagious and if transferred could destroy a whole garden. So how do you as the client know what you are buying is of good quality? The answer is simple; the gardener should have certification from the relevant authorities and particularly plant certifications. This will be enough confidence that what you are buying will not have adverse effects on your garden as the client.


You will wonder what quantity has to do with your two or three plants that you are buying. It is of high importance that the garden has huge quantities of plants in the garden because it is a determinant in customer base. The higher the number of customers results in higher sales and the better the quality of the seedlings or plants. Quantity on the other hand enables you to purchase from one garden without having t hop from a garden to another in a bid to get the required quantities.


A big variety of plants to choose from gives a choice among many species. Sometimes you will go to the gardener without a real picture of the plant or the flower and you can’t get the name right but you can identify if physically. If the gardener has a huge collection, you will be able to spot and identify it. Consequently there are times when you do not have an idea of what to buy or not and you require some physical deliberation when at the gardener. The garden with a wide variety will also have different ideas on how you can mix up plants and flowers to come up with a unique collection that suits your style.


Plants cannot be considered luxury and the costs associated with buying hem is not wastage. It follows then that the cost of the plants has a significant meaning in determining what quantities to take and where to buy from. While many up market gardens will be overtly expensive, this may not be what you want and you need to be as thrifty as possible. It is therefore important to shop and know what sells at what prices before settling for a garden center as your regular go-to shop for garden supplies.


When you have bought huge quantities of items even in shops, you get your merchandise delivered for you either as an after sales service or at a minimal fee. Plants are not any different because when you have bought in huge quantities, you might want them delivered to your home or garden. The gardener that provides delivery services for your plants will be better to consider than the one who does not.

All in all, a garden center in New York that matches many of the qualities mentioned above is much better suited to sell and is serious about gardening. Plant and tree shopping can be done over the internet and after narrowing the choices to a few, enquiries can be made over the phone. In every decision you make about buying plants, it is important that you leave the garden center satisfied and sure that what you desired is what you get.