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Crocus ‘Remembrance’

Crocus Remembrance Crocus RemembranceLatin Name: Crocus giant

Description: The Crocus ‘Remembrance’, ‘Crocus giant’, is a fall planted bulb. The deep purple, shiny color of this variety will create a fantastic spring spectacle. They are very good for indoor forcing and for naturalizing. If you have the space, plant dozens to achieve a natural meadow or woodland effect. They have very generous flower production. These extremely care-free bulbs are among the most popular bulbs used in the landscape. Remembrance blooms in early spring and has a 3 week bloom period.


Crocus ‘Peter Pan’

Crocus Peter Pan Crocus Peter PanLatin Name: Crocus vernus

Description: When ‘Snowbunting’ fades, this magic boy takes over, extending the season’s sparkle. Pair it with ´┐ŻNegro Boy’ for a dramatic “Ebony and Ivory.” C. vernus, zones 4-7, from Holland. Chart to compare.


Crocus ‘Golden Yellow’

Crocus Golden Yellow Crocus Golden YellowLatin Name: Crocus x luteus

Description: ‘Golden Yellow’ is a strong-growing cormous perennial producing large, bright orange-yellow flowers.


Allium Sensation

Allium Sensation Allium SensationLatin Name: Allium aflatunenense

Description: The Allium ‘Sensation’, ‘ Allium aflatunenense’, a fall planted ornamental onion bulb, will produce purple flowers. This flower is sure to turn heads with its 4-inch wide globes of tightly packed pink-purple florets which sit at the top of a tall, thick, bare stem. The low strap-like foliage turns down as the plant blooms, making the spherical cluster of blooms a focal point in your garden. They are great for ornamental value and widely used for both landscape and cut flower purposes. The blooms are pleasantly fragrant and this plant is an easy and prolific addition to the garden. Plant in groups of ten or more for an eye catching focal point.