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17 Mar , 2015  

Boysenberries 300x200 Boysenberries

Description: Boysenberry is the common name for a hybrid plant of the blackberry/raspberry genus Rubus and characterized by a relatively large fruit, with large seeds and a deep maroon or reddish-black color. Although its parentage is somewhat uncertain, it generally is considered to be a cross between a loganberry, a raspberry, and the Pacific blackberry. It generally is given the scientific name Rubus ursinus x idaeus. (R. ursinus is the scientific name of the Pacific blackberry and R. idaeus is the scientific name of the red raspberry.) The term boysenberry also is used for the fruit of this plant, which is aggregate fruit of numerous drupelets. It is classified as a blackberry because it keeps its core intact, rather than having the drupelets separate from the core, leaving a hollow fruit, as with the raspberry.