Bonide® Rot-Stop RTU

Plants, like humans, need well-balanced nutrients to be healthy, to thrive and to ward off diseases. Blossom-End Rot diseases, for instance, are directly linked to calcium deficiencies and can aggravated be too much nitrogen (generally in the form of fertilizer) to the plants. Calcium is essential to a plant for developing strong cell walls; without these strong walls, the fungus that causes Blossom-End Rot is able to breach the plant’s defenses. It often appears on a plant’s fruit after a particularly rapid growth episode followed by dry conditions or after heavy rains that have leached calcium from the soil. Tomato Blossom End-Rot can be a particularly troublesome disease for home gardeners. It will appear on plants as a roundish brown and sunken area on the end of the tomato fruit that is opposite the stem. This affected area will turn dry and leathery as the fruit ripens, resulting in an unsightly and inedible fruit.

BONIDE Rot-Stop addresses Blossom-End Rot disease problem by providing additional nutritional calcium in a ready-to-use spray formulation. When applied to developing foliage between or after heavy periods of rain, this product is highly effective in preventing future disease growth. It cannot, however, “cure” or remove the rot once it has established on a plant. For this reason, pro-active, preventative application is necessary for optimum disease control. However, repetitive and/or prolonged spraying or spraying at rates over the recommended amounts should be avoided as this could cause foliage burn. It is also important to remember that this product is intended for use as a supplement to a regular fertilization program and does not, by itself, provide all the nutrients normally required of a plant.

This spray is NOP-compliant for organic growing in home gardens and works exceptionally well on tomatoes, but is also great on cucumbers, melons and peppers.