Bonide Mosquito Beater Water Soluble

BONIDE Mosquito Beater® WSP kills and controls mosquito larvae. Won’t harm fish, amphibians or other aquatic organisms. These Water Soluble Pouches quickly dissolve to release granules that kill mosquito larvae.

  • Mosquito larvae killer – mosquito beater is a highly selective microbial larvicide, effective against mosquito larvae in standing water; it kills developing mosquitos upon ingesting before they become breeding, biting adults
  • Standing water – designed for use in standing water in irrigation or drainage ditches, pastures, ponds, livestock watering tanks, lawns, woodland pools, bird baths, rain barrels, water gardens, flower pots, and any location where water collects
  • Water soluble pouches – product is provided in a water-soluble pouch to be placed directly on the surface of the water to be treated; the pouch will float on the surface and dissolve within minutes, releasing the granules for uniform coverage
  • Only kills mosquitoes – the active ingredient of the product is Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies israelensis, also known as Bti, which specifically targets insect larvae; it won’t harm fish, amphibians or other beneficial aquatic organisms
  • Arrives with 24 pouches – mosquito beater contains 24 ready to use, water solub