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Top Tips To Achieving A Healthy And Thriving Garden

Everyone loves to come home to a beautiful and peaceful garden where they can relax and indulge in nature. It’s rewarding to have a healthy garden that is well maintained and neat.

There is some work involved in building a beautiful garden.  It means getting your hands in the soil and spending some time.

Many homes in our neighborhood have challenges like shade, drainage or limited space.  When you come to our store we will help you match the right plant material for the space you have. We have been growing beautiful plants in Brooklyn for over 30 years and we like to be helpful.

It Begins with the Soil

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The soil is the foundation that your flowers and plants will grow in and the richer it is the healthier they will be. The type of soil that you grow your plants is highly determined by the natural composition of the garden as well as the location you are in. A great garden starts with building the soil.  We have amendments that will allow you to build a rich soil for your plants.   Tell us what your soil is like and what you want to grow and we will help you be well prepared.

Caution should be practiced when applying fertilizer as too much of it can burn the roots, thus making it hard to absorb water. This will in turn make the plants highly susceptible to stress as a result of heat, cold and drought. Adding a layer of mulch around the plant will assist in keeping weeds away and retaining moisture.

Choose the Plants for Your Space

Different varieties of plants and shrubs have different needs.  Sometime the biggest gardening mistakes happen before you bring your plants home.  In Brooklyn we have to be thoughtful about how much space trees and shrubs will use.  We can show you how to use containers to grow, and match you with the right plant material for your growing space.

So, there should be sufficient spacing to ensure that there is airflow around the plants, thus reducing high relative humidity and allowing foliage to dry faster. You should trim out old, damaged or crowded stalks, or alternatively divide the plants to create some spacing. Pruning will also assist in maintaining a tidy growth and prevent any chance of crowding as the plants grow and spread.

Proper garden tools

Garden tools are crucial in order to maintain good growing conditions for the plants thus ensuring healthy plants. Be informed that defective tools can have a negative effect not only to the plants but also you could end up injuring yourself. You should ensure that the tools are well maintained and oiled annually to prevent rust as they will be exposed to water every now and then. All the tools should be cleaned after use and properly stored in perfect conditions always. Some common garden tools are rakes, hoes, spades and shears among other. It is important to ensure that you have all the necessary tools to maintain the garden and make your gardening experience more fulfilling.

At Kings County Nurseries, we have a range of gardening tools and will even advise you depending on what you are looking for. We will ensure that you have healthy plants in Brooklyn which will be the envy of the entire neighborhood.


Tips On How You Can Turn Your Yard Into A Peaceful And Happy Place

Landscaping is a simple way to increase the value as well as improve the aesthetics of your home. There is a common misconception that this is only something that the wealthy can afford. However, anyone can easily attain an inviting and elegant yard with simple upgrades. It is highly advisable to work with a reputable and experienced landscaper to ensure that you get the best value for your money.

This is because a professional will ensure that you get an organized look that incorporates all the elements of height, color, texture and balance. The professional will also make the work easier for you and not have to deal with the hard spots in the yard. To get started on your landscaping project here are some tips to guide you along:

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We can work with your budget

Landscaping is a crucial part of any home improvements however you should note that it will take some dedication, time and money. We can help you select a landscaping level that you can maintain and enjoy at the same time.

Come up with a plan or an idea

Before you even begin purchasing plants and materials for the landscaping, you should sketch out the space you want to work with and discuss it with someone at our store. Working with a professional could save you some frustration down the road.  We can discuss future requirements to water and feed your plants.  We can tell you about sun requirements or give you tips and tricks to grow happy healthy plants.

Take note of the season

Depending on the season you will need to pay extra attention to certain areas of your yard and the plants that you select to plant. There are certain plants and flowers that will bloom throughout the year and some will be available during particular seasons. For instance, during winter, you should not expect to have a green lawn. It is highly advisable to take into account the local weather conditions and environment as this will come into account in maintaining balance in nature. If you are not sure on where to start, you can contact us at Kings County Nurseries and will we guide you in your landscaping project. Most garden centers in NYC will have everything you need but for annual plants, you need to call to confirm for availability; we have these all the time. What’s more, we will also advise you on how to deal with pests and diseases that often attack plants in our local environment.



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Turn your hot black roof into a green oxygen factory! Birds and people both appreciate the conversion of rooftop to garden. We can help you design a place to entertain on summer evenings, or a vegetable and herb garden that will compliment your dinner table with the taste of the country. We will guide you every step of the way, from choosing the right containers, to finding the correct planting medium. Make this your best summer ever!



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Family owned and operated since 1955, Kings County has continued to provide our customers with a large variety of perennials, annuals, vegetables, trees, shrubs, evergreens and soils. We also offer a large selection of planting seeds, organic products, fertilizers, pottery and much more for your gardening needs..

Our expert staff is always willing to give information and advice for all inquiries. Free estimates for landscape design and maintenance is also a service we provide. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us. We’re glad you are here and hope to see you soon.

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