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How to Arrange Your Garden Shed Like A Pro

4 Jul , 2015  

With the summer coming, you are probably in a dilemma of choosing between gardening out under the hot sun or staying indoors to enjoy your summer vacation if you dread the heat. How about doing a bit of both? Bring order to your garden shed chaos, arrange tools and supplies neatly so that you can minimize the time you spend searching for your garden tools.

Garden shed organization may seem like a daunting and mundane task for a lot of people with their shed covered with cobweb or overflowing with bags of unused fertilizers, plant pots, unwanted television and recyclable newspaper. To help you take care of your space, follow DIY projects, tips and instruction below and transform your old shabby shed into a dream-like garden shed.

Hang Your Tools Up

A pegboard is simply a functional backdrop for a garden shed as it gets the tools off the ground and organized for better accessibility. A peg board hook can be easily bought and you can hang almost everything to it with this. It is mostly used to keep small tools like scissors, hammer or screwdrivers handy and organize. You could also add on little basket or plastic cups to hold cans of pest repellants and screws neatly.

As for a peg rail organizer, they are simple pegs added to your wall, which gives you a more space to hang bigger items like shovel, spading fork and spade rather than placing these essential gardening tools behind the door. Pegs are inexpensive and all you need to do is drill a hole and place them on your wall.

Use Bins to Store Bagged Gardening Products Together

Prevent messy spills from heavy bags of birdseed, fertilizer and top soil by using plastic baskets like those we use as rubbish bins, you can easily store under your working table. By labeling the bins, you can get any supplies very quickly. Remember to store all your bagged gardening products together as it becomes easier to locate any products.

Install Cabinets

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Cabinets are not hard to install and need not be bought in a furniture shop. You can build them yourself using old wine crates or DIY your cabinet using hardboards. These cabinets can be stacked on top of one another to create more space to place your items. Remember to secure the crates together at a desired and safe height. You could also hang them to keep things off the ground to be neater and cleaner depending on the size of your cabinet.

Hook your Hoses

Water hoses like to tangles themselves into a puzzling jumble of knots when left uncoiled and not properly hanged. To avoid the unwanted hassle of untangling your hoses, roll them up around a coat hook to keep them in place and hang them on the wall. Hang it at a steeper angle will prevent them from falling over and uncoil itself. No more tangle, and water the lawn and plants very easily.

Work Bench

A nice firm and sturdy work table is an important item in many garden sheds. Old picnic tables work well as a garden work bench, and it is relatively cheap to build your own designed workbench which can include shelves in front of you. The reason for having a work bench is that sowing seeds and working on flower arrangement is most comfortable and more enjoyable when done sitting down.

Ladders Are To Place Outside

Tried tripping over by ladders before? It can be hair-pulling every time you see the ladder blocking the way in your shed but you are still clueless in finding a perfect spot to fit your ladder into? Fret not, just simply places your ladders outside. Hang them using hooks on the outer surface of your garden shed.

DIY Tape Dispenser

Different kinds of tape such as scotch tape, duct tape and other tapes are vital in your shed. To have many rolls everywhere around your shed can be very untidy and frustrating at times when they are misplaced. Create a tape dispenser that allows you to place all your different kinds of tapes into it. You would only need wooden boards, nails and a hacksaw blade to do so.

Keep Your ‘Thrash’ out of the way

Garden sheds often become the storage room for many families, to keep stuff that you don’t need nor use, including holiday decorations and old electronics. Make sure to keep these items out of your garden shed, toss it or donate it. A clean and organized garden shed would make you feel like coming back.

Congratulations! You now have the most organized and best designed garden shed in the world now! To make sure it keeps being this way for many years to come, remember to keep things back to their original position when done.