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Perennial Flowers

Ajuga ‘Catlin’S Giant’

15 Mar , 2015  

Ajufa Catlins Giant Ajuga CatlinS GiantDescription: The Ajuga ‘Catlin’s Giant’, Ajuga reptans, is a useful ground cover with short spikes of blue flowers. ‘Catlin’s Giant’ is one of the largest-growing varieties, forming bronzy-red, spinach-like leaves. This Ajuga is an excellent ground cover for shady areas where perennials and grass will not grow. Combine ‘Catlin’s Giant’ with yellow and purple spring blooming perennials to make an attractive garden. The flowers appear in spring on 4” spikes with a plant spread of 12-24”. Ajuga ‘Catlin’s Giant’ will do best in a shaded area but will adapt to morning sun, the foliage colors will be more vivid with morning sun.