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6 Trees That Could Work Well In Your Small Garden

31 Oct , 2015  

A small garden is not necessarily a bad thing. Most people would argue that gardens require a lot of space and that larger gardens are way better than smaller ones. The reality however is that regardless of the size, a garden will only look as good as you want it to. Small gardens are particularly hard to landscape because there is very little space to manipulate. This however does not mean that you cannot have a tiny and yet exquisitely beautiful garden. Here are six of the best trees that can accentuate your small garden and make it look divine.

Stewartia Pseudocamellia

This is a deciduous tree that has a tendency of attracting a little too many pollinators in summer. The white flowers are not only attractive during this season, but also deliciously scented to appeal to the tiny insects that come to pollinate them. During autumn, the tree will however be crimson colored without the flowers; this is actually beautiful still.

The Acer Palmatum ‘Dissectum’

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This has lacy foliage in amazing autumn colors that are sure to add some life to your garden. The trees require a sheltered spot in your garden, preferably away from too much direct sunlight. If you get it right, you will be able to add some color to your garden, especially with the nicely shaped purple and green leaves. This tree would actually work for any garden given how beautiful it looks whether alone or in clusters.

Crab apple

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If you’ve heard of crab apples in the context of their fruit production, you probably think of them as food for the wildlings. The reality however is that this tree is one of the most beautiful additions that would fit perfectly in a small garden. If you have the space, you could always go for the bulkier ‘John Downie’ variety that will give you a lot of crab apples.

If you are really short on space, however, the ‘Golden Hornet’ should be a perfect fit. It is upright and less saturated in terms of the leaves and fruits. This means you won’t have to feel cramped out in your garden. The crab apple trees are especially colorful owing to the bright fruits and pretty green leaves especially during spring.

Espalier apple trees

These are both beautiful and functional if you have some space in your outdoor garden. An ideal choice would be the ‘family tree’ that offers a variety of apples. Other than being highly productive, espalier trees will give you the shade that you need in the garden. The fruit supply is also something that you can look forward to if you take care of this tree adequately.

Pyrus Salicifolia ‘Pendula’

These have slim and elegant branches that look rather graceful in the wind. They are usually silvery, and they enjoy a sunny spot in the garden. They also provide a very attractive blossom in the spring, meaning that you’ll be able to enjoy the creamy white flowers that also have a really sweet scent. They’re ideal for small gardens that will enjoy their exquisite aroma during spring.

Topiary Shapes

These are hardly trees, but they too are really pretty and functional in terms of their aesthetics. If you are simply looking to accentuate your garden, you can consider lollipop, spiral or pyramid topiary shapes. These allow your garden to borrow a great look and feel without really having to invest in a tree.

Whichever way you go in terms of trees for your small garden, remember to conduct a thorough research first. You can start by checking out the nurseries in Brooklyn and speaking to the gardeners there in order to establish your options depending on your location and resources.