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House Plants

5 Tips For Growing Healthy And Vibrant House Plants

28 Nov , 2016  

Since time immemorial, houseplants have been in style. The benefits of houseplants cannot be over emphasized. They bring life into your home, especially during the bleak winter months. To ensure your plants stay healthy, there are several things you can do before and after planting.

Choose the type of pot you want

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When you want to pot plants, the most obvious first step is to shop for pots. Pots are available in all types and sizes. Your choice simply depends on what you are looking for, and your budget. A great idea as well could be to think outside the box and improvise. You can look around the house for containers that can be used as pots and make holes underneath. Look for a plate or tray to trap excess water and you are good to go!

Use good soil and choose your plants well

Did you know that you should not use gardening soil to pot plants? The likelihood of the garden soil harboring fungal diseases is high. Instead, you should go to a nursery or garden centers in NYC and ask for good quality potting soil. It contains decomposed organic matter and aids healthy growth of the roots.

Choosing your plants depends on where you want to place them. You have to do your research and find out which plants are ideal for indoor growing. Again, the garden centers come in handy with the excellent advice they will give you. Make sure that you know the conditions each plant thrives in. That said, it is much easier to plant each pot in its own pot. This is unless both plants can co-exist without competing for nutrients. If one plant dominates, the other will eventually starve of nutrients and wither away.

Water them often

House plants need lots of water, and regularly too. Make sure the pots have holes at the bottom for better drainage. If the soil becomes water logged, the roots will rot and die off. Do not water the plant every day but instead water it every other day. When watering, most people tend to water the leaves, which is wrong. You should water the soil as watering the leaves can eventually cause fungal infections.

Use fertilizers regularly

The constant watering of the plants over time strips the soil of its nutrients. To ensure your plants grow healthy and strong, you need to use fertilizer to replace the lost nutrients. The garden center should be able to again advice on the best type to use. The best one to use though is liquid fertilizer and this is after every few weeks.


If you want your plant to keep blooming, you have to remove dead flowers to pave way for new ones. This is also known as deadheading and it’s a way of encouraging the plant to rejuvenate itself and bloom anew. It may be necessary to cut off the stems of some plants so that they grow back afresh. House plants are unlike outdoor plants which are aided in the rejuvenating process by animals, insects or the wind. Potted plants are protected against the elements have to be aided along by deadheading so they sprout new flowers.

Plants bring an amazing effect to a room. They light up an otherwise dull room, especially when in bloom. Potting plants may seem like a cut and dried job, but it takes dedication and hard work. The plants have to be taken care of to prevent them from drying up. You have to seek advice from the experts before and after you pot the plants. It would seem like a perfect option to use garden soil, but it is not advisable at all if you want to have healthy plants. Follow all the right steps and in no time you will have a vibrant garden right in your house!