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10 Simple Key Points On Landscaping Your Home

28 May , 2015  

A bare house or office space and any other space frequented by many people look bare without proper landscaping. Apart from other elements that have been incorporated in the definition of landscaping, flora and fauna form the bulk of it all. Deciding on the best plants to use for landscaping is a challenging task for many because in many instances, they have no idea of where to start.

It is not always that you will have the cash to pay a landscaper or engage their services on a regular basis. It is therefore important to be equipped with basic knowledge on what should be done or how to maintain your landscaping.

Understand the land

When landscaping is required for your land, it is important to understand that different climatic regions require different landscaping. Even though the landscaping required is indoors, the climatic conditions in your area determines the type of soils available and is essential for the success in landscaping. In cases where the soil chemical composition does not allow a certain plant species, it is important to consult on the best solutions or options. In other instances, you will require grading, cutting or filling your land to achieve the desired effect.

Determine options

In this context, options refer to the availability of landscaping material such as containers and dressings. Where pots will cost a fortune, there is an option to use recyclable materials such as wood or broken concrete which is relatively cheap. While paving may be required in some areas and forms part of landscaping, it is advisable to use plants such as grass.

Choice of plants

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In every climatic region, there are plants that do better than others. Consequently, while choosing the right plants, it is important to dwell on native plants because they will grow faster than others. In addition, it is important to understand how much natural light is available, moisture or water retention, the soil structure and if the choice of plants will attract unwanted insects, clawers, birds or bees.


Graders, lawnmowers or other equipments may be required in achieving the landscaping while on the other hand, any do it yourself task requires some tools or equipments in accomplishing the task. Tools on the other hand can refer to the technological requirements in design or the mixed gravel required in landscaping.

Get advice

Advice is not only what you can get from your neighbor but also any information that can be sourced in relation to landscaping. While you may not have the information, some plants can be propagated rather than bought because of certain species characteristics. Understanding the seasons is also important but a novice landscaper will not understand that you cannot plant in some seasons. Other factors such as the availability or supply of plants can be sourced from the internet in addition to simple tasks such as choice of containers.

Plant, do not just focus on buying

This in many cases sounds a very hard chore and despite being in need of good landscaping, many people do not want to engage in back breaking work. However, it is important to understand that plants are expensive to buy and that some plants will not grow when transferred to a new environment. This requires some homework as stipulated above. This also means that small buying because out of a small stem, you can propagate as many plants as you desire.

Mass planting

Mass planting does not mean that you plant a large collection of a single species but simply plant many various species. After buying small, plant en-mass which will give you a huge variety in a short period. However, it is important to understand that mass planting is not necessarily mix and match planting but planting specific plants in different portions.

Use big pots

Big containers have the capacity to contain large amounts or soil which is a good basis for your plants and planting. On the other hand, small pots might look more portable but portability is not a very significant factor in landscaping because they are not as important as the plants.

Add some stone

After plants have been planted, some boundary is required to prevent the plants from moving to unwanted areas. Apart from the aesthetic function they can also contain prevent weeds and keep soil moisture by preventing direct sunlight.

Trees first

Flora and fauna is important in landscaping but it is wise to spend money on trees and prioritize them because other plants can be planted or easily sourced. However, it is important to have in consideration the desired effect of the landscaping that should reflect your style. In selection of trees, native trees are more advisable because they do not require a lot of maintenance costs and do well under normal conditions in the area under consideration.