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Plants Brooklyn


Kings County Nurseries first opened its doors in 1955, in a predominately Italian immigrant neighborhood. It all started with three brothers and their love for gardening. That love turned into a neighborhood foundation that has been family owned and operated for over 65 years.

The Merola brothers were committed to the beautification of Brooklyn. Their dedication stemmed from requests that led to customer satisfaction throughout the decades. Their hard work and passion for the business is what solidified future generations to carry on the Kings County reputation.

Over the decades, we have witnessed several changes. At one point, the smell of Sunday tomato sauce became overpowered by spicy Caribbean stews. Our customers began to ask us to grow things like scotch bonnet peppers and broad leaf thyme. As the community began to grow, so did Kings County.

As the Merola family brings in its third generation, we continue to pay close attention to our community’s request. Residing in what is known as the concrete jungle, surprisingly it has become more and more green. Even with easy access to local grocery stores or online food shopping, most of our customers now chose to grow their own. With that request and our expertise, we transformed our mostly chemical inventory to organic alternatives.

From beautiful brownstones to high rise buildings, we have contributed to making houses become homes. From “Pigtown” to Flatbush to what we now know as Propsect Lefferts Gardens, we have embraced the growth of this amazing community. We try our very best honor our past, keep up with the present and look forward to the future. We hope to see returning customers and welcoming new ones!

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