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Bamboo Bissett

Bamboo Bissett 271x300 Bamboo Bissett

Latin Name: Phyllostachys bissetti
Description: One of the hardier bamboos! Large dark green leaves are borne on tall, one-inch diameter stems. Forms a beautiful, tall, dense screen or large container specimen. This is a running bamboo that should be contained.


Bamboo Black

Bamboo Black 242x300 Bamboo Black

Latin Name: Phyllostachys nigra
Description: Black Bamboo became the first hardy oriental bamboo. The legendary ‘Black’ is native to Taiwan and China it can withstand temps. to -4 F. Top and foliage damage occurs in the low teens during dry winds.


Bamboo Sunset Glow

Bamboo Sunset Glow 233x300 Bamboo Sunset Glow

Latin Name: Fargesia rufa
Description: Orange-red sheaths at each node add color to the green culms (stems) of this well-contained plant. Perfect specimen for smaller gardens and courtyards. Leaves do not curl in the sun as with some bamboos. A favorite food of Giant Pandas.